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Also the first project Caleb and I have woodworking plans and projects, supplies, parts hinges. Every time I go to a craft faire or farmer’s market, I seek out the booths that have those wonderfully scented, beautifully decorated soaps. You can use just about anything as a soap mold – old shoeboxes, food boxes, milk cartons and loaf pans.
Naturally, I did a lot of research in books and on the web, and found that I could use just about any bread loaf pan, shoebox or plastic food container to use as my soap mold, as long as it was carefully lined with waxed paper or parchment paper. However, after looking at several retail websites for molds, I decided I wanted a mold that would be adjustable for larger or smaller batches of soap. You should always pre-drill the holes so that the wood will not split when you insert the screws! After reading about the sizes of the soap molds, we spaced the holes as follows:  From the inside of the stationary end, place the adjustable end at 6 inches.

This entry was posted in crafts, soapmaking and tagged soap, soap molds, soapmaking by vickie. I have just made tallow and lye soap, just yesterday and because we had been doing some plumping work on our aquaponics set up my husband had some pipe for me to use as a mould. Yeah – you really have to put some type of waxed paper or parchment paper in the mold,or make a silicon mold liner, or you will never get the soap back out! This may be a stupid question, but why does the soap mold have so much extra space past the last set of holes.
2lb Wood Loaf Mold: Locally made from Baltic Birch plywood the sides and base have a shallow groove notched out for a perfect tight fit. Just line the mold with butcher paper to protect the wood and pour your CP soap into the mold at medium to thick trace. Made by Lauren, Single Barrel Soaps are instantly recognizable from the cute barrel stamp in the center of each bar.

I really enjoy talking with the soapmaker about what is actually in the soap, and have paid anywhere from 3 to 8 dollars for a bar of soap, and was glad to pay it!
Kristina will be excited too as she was wanting to try some soap making You are like super inspirational and motivational for us! Diy soap using just 5 ingredients - food52, Food52's diy gets a little bit chemical with a tutorial from caitlin pike about how to (safely!) make your own soap.. In addition, Single Barrel Soaps’ work is full of different techniques and eye-catching designs.
The last set of holes for a 5 pound recipe of soap will be approximately 15 inches from inside the stationary end to inside the adjustable end.

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