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Once the paint is dry (doesn’t take long at all) very carefully peel away the contact from the wood. Step 5: Once you have enough wood rounds for each table number, take a dark pencil or pen and make an outline of each number on the round for you to trace with the dremmel.
I recently bought a set of wood coasters from Carina Sherlock in Armadale.  It struck me that they would look beautiful transformed into wedding table number signs for a rustic style wedding. I thought they would look especially good when combined with a set of nature-inspired numbers I had recently illustrated. After some research I discovered that I could use Lazertran decal transfer paper to transfer the numbers onto the wood surface and successfully create the table number signs I had imagined!
To remove the white edges and to stain your wood, brush on a couple of coats of oil-based polyurethane.

Download the number sets below and please make sure to read the 'Conditions of Use' at the bottom of this article for important copyright info. Hi I am SO excited I just found this page as I've been planning on doing a design on a cut of wood for our save the dates. These cute vintage wood table numbers are super easy to make and add the perfect bit of chic rustic-ness to your tables. After the transfer has dried for 8 hours let it run under warm water from the faucet until the cardstock is completely saturated and peels off from the wood on its on its own. Stick the exposed edge of the decal to the surface of your wood (in the correct position) then slowly and gently slide the rest of the backing out from under the decal.
My first Daughter is due in June, and I immediately thought these numbers would be gorgeous in her nursery somewhere.

I'm currently making them for my daughter's wedding in the white mntns of NH, so they'll be perfect!HOWEVER, the #'s aren'tdark & therefore are difficult to read on the wood. Once you have that paint a thin, smooth layer of Modge Podge on the wood and stick the inkjet image face down on the wet Modge Podge.
Thanks again to our rad DIY contributors, Jessica + Garett over at Wednesday for sharing all the details with us today!

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