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I couldn’t believe it when the pizza box left a huge white stain THROUGH my placemats!
I have just moved in to a brand new fully furnished apartment after setting a hot drink down on the bedside table, I noticed the same heat stains! Needless to say I was mortified when I saw the state of the table and so I re-read the advice about using the steam iron and took a chance.
The iron on medium heat with steam with a wash cloth between the iron and table removed the white spots immediately.

It worked for the original spot but created a bigger spot witch was not removed but made even WORSE with more ironing. You can make your own stain remover and keep out all the ugly chemicals that are added that aren’t very good for us. While setting out the table, a relative gave me a tip: for the scorch marks, just take an iron and apply heat to the cloudy stains, they’ll disappear! My mother said there is some sort of product that you can buy that can remove these heat stains but I had no chance as everything is so different here.
I hovered while pressing the steam button for about 15 seconds, then wiped the excess moisture away and the white stain is gone- yay!

This might have something to do with the specific finish on the wood (I’m hardly an expert!), but this tip might work for you and others who are having problems with the steam iron technique.
I tried the white towel with using a hot iron, hovering it with no steam, tried the hot iron moving it across the stain and nothing was working- I then tried the steam technique and I am happy to say it worked.

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