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Louise from Laid Off Mom set up another DIY date for us and this time the medium was beads. But I really liked the beads (they were like wooden colored cheerios, and they also had a pooka shells vibe). I gave it to my step-mom for her birthday since she likes crosses, and it also had a beachy vibe which she likes.

This entry is filed under DIY Date and tagged bead craft, beaded necklace, beaded wooden cross necklace, colorful beads, cross necklace, cute necklace, diy date, diy necklace, fun necklace, wooden beads, wooden cross necklace. Then I stained the cross with the only stain color we had at the moment: Sedona Red by Minwax. It was big enough for the thread to go through If I used a bigger drill bit, it probably would have split the wood.

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