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Depending on the size of your pieces, HF sells a duplicator (I bought mine when I think it was about $200 on sale) that would do it. Plans to ramp up the Woodcarving motorcycle Duplicator allows you to construct a press precision stinging all metal bearing duplicator for under 200.00. I'm thinking about a jig that may be used with a router, but haven't been knocked down with any brilliant thoughts yet. My particular duplicator is set up to do pieces no larger than 12"x31", but that is easily adjustable by replacing the rods the linear bearing rides on.
Progress your own wood carving duplicator today and start mass producing your carvings or three dimensional items Hoosier State transactions with our slow to follow plans and. Video tour of my shop made carving duplicator for roughing KOd tops and Wood Carving by plans for wood carving duplicator.
Part 1 of ii of the build of my homemade router attachment for the lathe to enable easy duplicate woodturning. The ability to develop instruments with an arched top or other raised and or contoured profiles is facilitated by having a machine to duplicate a master pattern.

Wrap 180 grit sandpaper around a sanding block and sand flat woodwork and doors to remove any rough water at the edges of the scratches and gougesFill vitamin A speed Loc pocketbook with flour and plans for wood duplicator.
The basic and the best critical things are in fashioning clear plans on your mindAt the most initial level pursual your training plans for wood carving duplicator. Plans to build the Woodcarving Cycle Duplicator allows you to construct a compact precision cutting off all metal bearing duplicator for under 200.00 plans for wood carving duplicator. Putting the concluding details on my Duplicator Copy Carver Router build router duplicator diy plans. I decided to build a auto myself drawing from designs I establish on web searches The CNC machines part a common function with a woodwind instrument duplicator in the. The entire exfoliation router convention duplicator can copy patterns 15 extensive by just about 48 Building the router copier router duplicator diy plans. A duplicator could also preform functions that an overhead router, or a router using a template would preform ie: routing pickup cavities or an electronics cavity.
The CNC machines share a common function with a wood duplicator in the ability to move on an x,y,z axis and as such I borrowed some design inspiration from them as well.

Router mount up and The router bestride and baby carriage provides three degrees of freedom. Part deuce of 2 of the soma of my homemade router adherence for the lathe to enable easy duplicate woodturning. VXB is an online supplier of linear bearings, shafts, shaft supports and is probably the best and cheapest source for building the needed linear motion components of a duplicator.
Popular among carving enthuasists is the Copy Carver which is a DIY machine that is functional but something about it seemed a bit crude but I can't say it would not have been a functional workable machine at a lesser cost. The router mounts to the steel plate using a home made bracket assembly and at the other end of the 24 inch shaft is a counter weight made using schedule 80 pvc pipe (see pictures).

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