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I’ve been looking for the perfect dresser for her for awhile now, and finally scored this one at a local thrift store last week, I was so excited! These are my tried and true techniques for repairing, priming, and painting an old hand me down, or a lucky Craigslist or thrift store find like this damaged honey tone wood dresser. When my husband and I moved into our house, we inherited such a piece – his old wooden dresser from childhood. Having seen the before and after of this dresser in person, I can attest that the dresser really DOES look professional – like it was originally sold that way. I did the exact opposite this weekend to, ironically, the same exact dresser (I also have the short one that came with the mirror).
I have this EXACT chest of drawers – had it since I was a kid and I have wanted to refinish it for so long. You don't always have to remove the old finish before painting a dresser, but in most cases, it's a good idea. The traditional way to refinish wood furniture is to spray it with several coats of lacquer. Whether you strip the old finish or leave it, you should apply a coat of high-solids wood primer before painting. When I see refinishing projects like this and how incredible wood can look with a little patience, I am instantly motivated to tackle my own furniture.
Basic Steps: Although the surface was in absolutely terrible condition, the wood beneath seemed pretty sound, so the first task was to take everything back to bare timber.

2 great B+As, the wood restoration is just lovely, bringing it back to life in its original state.
My instinct would have told me to paint the dresser that Mark restored but it looks so beautiful in it’s natural finish! I am refinishing a baby dresser and was thinking I would need a stain to match the crib set we have, but that paint you used is exactly what we need.
It’s a beautiful solid maple wood, and the set was painted white when I received them last year. The old finish could fail and ruin the new one, and removing it exposes the wood grain, providing more refinishing possibilities. Like sanding sealer, primer seals bare wood, and it aids the adhesion of the topcoat to the existing finish, if you choose not to strip it.
The sheen on the refinished wood is beautiful, and I love the warm glow that Mark was able to bring back to this piece. It took a LOT of sanding and cleaning, but as the distressed surface gave way to raw wood, I could see that this project would be worthwhile. I like the look of painted furniture so much I was starting to get concerned that I didn’t like the look of natural wood anymore.
So nice to see wood being restored, rather than badly painted over as seems to happen most of the time with these things. It probably dates from 1930-1940s and the original heavy, dark brown finish would have disguised the different wood types.

In my boredom last winter I turned said dresser (and a similar wooden bed) into good-as-new-beauties for under $30. I found a nice piece of maple molding that worked perfectly to cover the area where the dental molding was, and as for the bottom, I just bought a piece of 1×6 maple and cut it to match the design on the sides of the dresser. The possibilities are more varied than simply refinishing the dresser with a clear finish, although that alone can be a satisfying creative project.
I filled in the molding gaps with wood putty, then after drying, I carved it down with a Dremel to match the molding shape. I’ll just refer people to you from now on when I get questions about the refinishing process! Sure you can get creative with colors and pulls but for my first refinished project I stuck to the basics.
To get a smooth finish, seal the wood with lacquer sanding sealer; spray a single coat and sand it with 220-grit sandpaper when it dries.

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