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Stacy here fromĀ Hello Cupcake LLC, and today I’m thrilled to share a DIY that is sure to come in handy! Determine which spray paint color you would like to use as your base and which you would like to use as your pop of color. Painted tray and vanity vignette, from the home of nina bergsten, photography by marcus lawett. As soon as I received this challenge from the lovely Darlene of Fieldstone Hill, I felt redeemed by the frivilous purchase I’d made a while back at Goodwill of a random wooden tray even though I had no plans for it.
This is a painted tray challenge, so the first thing I did was zap this guy with some high-gloss white spray paint. I used the acrylic sheet as a template to cut my wrapping paper to fit just inside the tray, set the wrapping paper inside the tray and added the acrylic on top. I love this version because everything stays safe and sound under the sheet of acrylic where it can’t get ruined, but it can live right where you see it all the time, especially if you use the tray in a vanity or bathroom space. In the meantime, don’t forget to swing by and see what the other Ditto DIY bloggers did for their painted tray challenge.

So yours takes first prize in my opinion… Love how you made an inexpensive- interchangeable tray for so cheap. JC i am DYING we think alike…i just did a quick pre-work target run and was staring at all the trays thinking what could i do to them. Jaime and I were also just discussing how cool these would be with chalboard paint or magnet paint inside!!
I have two black trays I bought for $2 a piece in the Target dollar section a few months ago! Paint your wooden tray your desired color, you can leave the inside (and the bottom, if you wish) unpainted.
A nursing station for Quinn’s room, A book tray for Clare’s ottomen, and just something pretty for entertaining! Not even air bubbles, but it wouldn’t stick to the wood and the paper had big waves in it where it would stick, not stick, stick, not stick. All of the materials for this project came in well under $20!) This DIY tray is great for having breakfast in bed, and when not in use, it’s perfect for keeping your smaller items organized.

I was thinking of getting a tray and painting it with black chalkboard paint, but I like this one better!
Beginning next month (on Monday, June 3) we are inviting you ALL to join the {ditto} DIY challenge! I have been keeping an eye out at thrift stores for a tray that makes me want to buy it; I will now redouble my efforts.
I did this by laying my decorative paper in the tray and pressing the paper into the opposite corner with my fingernail to make a crease. The paper was the right size, the paint was dry, I used mod podge…I am waiting for the mod podge to dry to see if it helps but I was really disappointed with how the paper responded to the top coat of mod podge.

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