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Of course, we want you all to be able to build one too so we have FREE Printable plans for you! A huge shout-out to Jay at Jays Custom Creations for creating printable plans for us to share with you! I did add 3 coats of Varathayne polyurethane to the table in, matte finish, with a bristle brush.
And we have built a TON of tables over the years  You can click the images for the tutorials!
Hillary made this table with pocket holes instead of adding the 2x2 supports as done in the original plan, saving a ton of cuts and holes to be drilled, which saves time and money. I decided to make a farmhouse table using your plans 2 weeks back, but decided to adjust the plans for pocket holes. You can construct your own farmhouse table made of planks of solid reclaimed pine, this farmhouse table expands to seat up to 8 people.

In a previous design there were extentions for the table to add I believe 15 more inches per end. You will not have to worry about over-loading this table with weight because of the sturdiness of the 2X12's. The places you will need to fill in this table are not noticeable at all so those should be fine.
They are screwing the top boards for the top of the table together and one board has started to split at the end.
Those plans also include removable leaves on both end that would eliminate the chair problem on the ends. Anyway, those plans also include removable end leaves that would take care of the concerns with end seats. Unless you are planning on building the benches to go with it, it’s an impractical table.

Eventually, if you just get the boards that are warped the worst to the ends, then you can more easily wrap the trim boards around the curves since you have a little more play in those boards from them being flipped vertically. It was difficult to do that because they are not usually used for something so small and detailed as a table. The table is extremely heavy and I needed a second person to help with the cuts and putting it together.

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