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If you want to install laminate flooring on your stairs I would recommend that you do a lot of research and find the information you will need to do it correctly.
Step 1 Remove Carpet and TackstripMost often you will have carpet on your stairs, and you need to remove it first.
Step 2 Remove the Over Hang, if NeededIf you have an over hang you can either remove it or fill in the space under it so the laminate flooring can be installed.
Step 3 Cutting Laminate Stair TreadsIn most cases one laminate plank will not cover the whole tread. Step 4 Cutting The Stair RisersCutting the risers are like cutting the treads, the difference is the riser is vertical. Step 5 Cutting the Stair NoseCutting the stair nose is just a matter of cutting it to fit snug on each end, and cut the ends to follow the angle of the wall if needed.  As shown in the photo you can see how the stair nose needs to rest on the riser which should be cut flush with the surface. When installing laminate flooring on stairs you really need to be more precise when cutting each piece that your installing on the stairs. Installing hardwood flooring on stairs is basically the same as installing laminate flooring on stairs.
I have a particular order in which I install laminate or hardwood on stairs.I prefer to get most of the stair parts cut before I attach them. If you have anything to share about installing laminate flooring on stairs let us all know. How to Finish Open Side of Riser Not rated yet I have one side of my stairs that is open. Return to Home Page From Installing Laminate Flooring On Stairs If you want an estimate you can contact me if your in my area.

To adhere the caps to the steps, I used heavy duty flooring adhesive in a giant caulk gun and a nail gun to secure them. Installing laminate flooring on stairs can be tedious and time consuming and is a lot different than installing laminate flooring on a floor. When purchasing your laminate flooring you will need to purchase stair nose moldings also to have an over hang with the laminate. Don't glue all the way to the front edge as this is where the stair nose will be attached with a different type of glue.I use a heavy duty construction adhesive to glue the stair nose with.
There are a few different ways to cut the over hang off the stair.  Using saws such as a sawzall, Skil saw or even a jig saw can work.
You can also use the same flooring for the riser as you use for the tread.  The riser may not be square to the wall on the sides so you may need to cut them at a slight angle to fit  even with the sides.
This will give your staircase the best look without gaps and spaces that take away from your stairs. The stair nose will be installed at the top of the riser where it meets the tread.Other ConsiderationsThe preparation can vary depending on the type of stairs you have.
However if you need real wood stair nose it can be ordered in longer lengths and in various species at companies that provide custom transitions.
I have put the different steps in order below as this is the process I use.The one thing you could change is when you cut the stair nose. Use a matching putty to fill in the nail holes.Here is the end result a nice looking stair. Top Flooring Toronto is one such company which do high quality staircase lamination & the cost will be within your budget.

But for the ones that want to, I am going to describe in detail how to install laminate flooring and hardwood on stairs. Hardwood stair noses use the tongue and groove system, makes the stair nose flush withe the hardwood on each stair.Although some of the laminate flooring manufacturers are developing a stair nose that is flush with the laminate tread. When cutting the laminate treads getting the exact measurement across the width of the stair is important. This new type of stair nose I saw is made of metal with the wood grain to match the flooring. This overhang needs to be cut off or wood needs to be added here to eliminate the space.When installing laminate flooring on stairs evaluating the cost should be one of the first items you need to investigate. You can save money by having the ability to order stair nose or various transition moldings in longer lengths. Here I describe how to install laminate or hardwood on a straight flight of stairs that may even have a landing. If you are having your floors done also, don't forget to include flooring for the stairs.You have the option of installing the flooring on the riser or a painted board. You can only get one 40 inch length out of the 78 inch piece, your going to need 14 stair noses instead of 7.

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