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The drawings above and below show a glass topped computer desk based on a glass-and-steel table.
This desk table does not really qualify as a low-stress computer desk because the monitor viewing angle is poor and the glass top can throw glare into your eyes. If you spend more than an hour or two a day at the computer or your room fails the glare test, then choose another desk. If you like our fun Freebies, remember we can only keep this Web site open if we sell our Low-Stress Computer Furniture Plans or you follow our ad links and make purchases from our sponsors. Child's Computer Table At the start of this note is a drawing of the Child's Computer Table.
If you need a table shorter than the full length of door, you can have it cut off at the lumber yard.
These designs are very versatile and can be pressed into temporary surface for many other tasks (changing table, sideboard, card table, etc.).

Corner desk woodworking plans and Cheap viagra canada information at, Corner computer table this is a link to a google 3d sketchup drawing for corner computer table.
Build a desk – free desk plans – build a computer desk, Build a desk or computer desk with free woodworking plans.
One type is based on the glass-and-steel table and the other has the monitor-under-glass (as shown in many SF movies). Still, if you are only an occasional computer user and you want your desk back, you may be satisfied with the monitor viewing angle and will gladly take action to control the glare. Set up a piece of furniture so that you can lay the pane (with the paper under it) in the exact place where you will view the monitor for your new desk. This will show people everywhere that they can build their own low-stress computer furniture. You may look at as many plans as you like, but when you start to build please pay for the plans you use.

The keyboard is on a low fixed glass shelf and there is a glass shelf below for the computer.
If your new desk will be in the same place as your present desk, temporarily move the monitor and lay the pane in its place. This Child's Computer Table is solid, inexpensive, and can be adjusted in height to accommodate the child as she or he grows.

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