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Typical fence construction involves several key pieces: the base pad, concrete filler, posts, fence boards, top rail, and rail cap. This is a very distinctive style of fence and is a slightly less popular choice in North Texas. As you can see in the illustration on the left, each piece plays a key role in the general stability and quality of the fence construction.
We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote for your fence construction project.
This is used on board-by-board construction without a cap or spaced picket ornamental fences.

First determine the area where fence will be built, allow for necessary set back, property line, local code etc.
This article will preview a typical fence construction project, discuss types of fences, and address any concerns that you may have about an average project.
Keep in mind this Cedar fence is built from scratch, (if you plan to build from cedar lattice fence panels, then these guidelines can still be used, but install the panels according to manufacture instructions).
This should be done yearly or so the natural cedar appearance is not lost and the cedar does not gray. The Sun does the most damage to the cedar, if the fence is in a sunny area, more UV and sealer may be needed.

The cedar lattice should be no more than 12 inches tall, this allows you to cut 4 pieces from a 4x8 foot cedar lattice board.
I would recommend the water sealer applied yearly, if you want to keep the cedar looking great! Option is to use green treated posts, however cedar looks better and can be treated with sealer to make last a long time.

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