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In the fall of 2014, BC Log Cabins supplied a pre-manufactured cabin to the Kitimat Snowmobile and Hiker's Club to be used as a warming hut and emergency shelter on Robinson Ridge a frequently accessed but remote snowmobiling paradise. Our log cabins and cottages are ideal for remote locations, because they can be set up without the need of cranes and special tools.
Effective December 19, 2014, the National Building Code introduced NEW energy efficiency requirements for houses and small buildings (Part 9). The change in the building code demands an R-20 plus insulation value for outside log walls for any log structure (houses, cabins and cottages). Find out more about the new rules and how our Saddle Notch design combined with insulated double walls will ensure your new cabin will comply with current building codes. Our NEW Saddle Notch style log cabins consist of milled logs with saddle notch connections. We will continue building our dove tail cabins for locations where no building permit is needed. Dirk Schuirmann, president of BC Log Cabins Inc., and his crew handcraft every piece of the log cabin in our shop according to the customers’ details.
Building the Finest Prefabricated wood Cottages, Cabins, Sheds, Saunas, Gazebos and now Custom Homes for over 17 years in British Columbia, Canada! Building the Finest Prefabricated wood Cottages, Cabins, Sheds, Saunas, Gazebos and now Custom Homes for over 17 years ! Bavarian Cottages in British Columbia Canada offers the finest in custom built Homes, Cottages, Cabins, Outside Saunas, Sheds, Gazebos and more.
We build durable, long-lasting and beautiful kits that are regularly shipped to locations throughout North America. So please have a look through our site to see all the advantages that our company has to offer and also note that as of 2012, we are now also offering Custom homes and cabins constructed using the traditional framing methods most people are used to. EZLog building kits are not only available as cabins and cottages, but also for all types of utility buildings like a garage or workshop. All our building kits include our energy performance modeling service, to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. In addition to our Ecolog log homes we can offer our customers a huge selection of pre-fabricated log building kits from EZLog. EZLog structures are one of the best ready to assemble do-it-yourself log building kits available.
Hermann was extremely helpful in every aspect of our project; from assisting us source trades people, assessing the lay of our land, discussing foundation options, to working our way through the sometimes onerous task of fulfilling our municipality’s building permit requirements.

EZLog offers a huge variety of buildings and wood structures - ranging from garden houses to play houses, garages to small cabins, to large log cottages, which are also suitable for permanent residences. Click here to watch a 5 minute animated video showing the assembly process of an EZLog cabin.
EZLog building kits offer great value and are the most complete log building kits on the market. The pages on the right side show you selected cabins and cottages with a full description and prices. There are many more EZLog cabins and cottages available, from small 100 sqft bunkies to spacious 1600 sqaure feet residences. Our experience in designing and manufacturing custom log homes enables us to provide an excellent service for all aspects of EZLog building kits. Most EZLog log building kits are used as seasonal cabins or cottages, and the log walls don't provide enough insulation to live in these buildings all year round.
We can provide packages to turn nearly any EZLog building into a building code compliant all season home.
EZLog building kits offer a lot of flexibility, and especially for larger structures we can offer different styles of windows and doors, larger windows or different flooring. The cabin is a dove-tailed 16 x 20 feet with a 16x8 foot covered deck and a 10x16 foot loft and outfitted with wood heat, solar-powered lighting and propane cook facilities.
We pride ourselves on our personable approach in helping each customer in fulfilling their dream of owning a log cabin. In order to comply with the demands of Section 9.36 of the Building Code we introduced an insulated double wall system for our NEW Saddle Notch style log cabins which lets us meet and even exceed the R-20 requirement. We were one of the first builders of micro sized cabin kits on the market, long before it became the huge trend it is today. We are also able to build your home or cabin using ICF technologies, which are essentially concrete walled homes that look identical to a normal home on any given street BUT offer outstanding insulation values, longevity and extreme protection from weather events, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, fire and floods. This 200 square feet cabins features a spacious open living area and one bedroom and a bathroom. The square timbers allow efficient production and construction and avoid many challenges faced by building with round logs. The smaller backyard structures are ideal addition to every family home or cottage, and the larger EZLog cottages are a cost efficient alternative to build residences or cottages. These unique structures use kiln dried engineered spruce logs that assemble like model building kits.

This extends our product offering with very affordable cottage, cabin, garage and other wood structure kits. Hermann made the whole process not only enjoyable but enlightening, and I would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating building a kit home. The unique structures use kiln dried engineered spruce logs that assemble like model building kits.
Building kits for western Canada will be shipped from the distribution center in Nanaimo, BC, and shipments for eastern Canada are shipped from southern Ontario. We will guide you from the early stages of the selection and decision making process until your building is erected on your property. This document provides more information about the various customization options of EZLog building kits. This cabin has been featured in several newspapers and facebook posts and was a special feature in the Winter 2015 issue of Mountain Sledder Magazine. We manufacture different models of log cabins and work closely with our customers in designing a cabin according to their ideas and individual needs.
Tiny homes, micro sized cabin, mini cottages, whatever you want to call it, it's the same thing, and it's all about being efficient with a small footprint and living in an eco-sustainable manner. Please contact us with your desired building kit and shipping destination, and we can send you shipping cost estimate. We will help you with foundation design, roofing options and even obtain building permits for you if required. Whether you are looking for a simple kit for a kid's playhouse or a beautiful small cabin for that remote piece of property, we can make your dreams and visions come true. Every log building kit includes all that is required for a lock up structure, from pressure treated foundation beams, floor, walls, windows, doors to the roof, including all hardware. For those of you unfamiliar with cabin or home kits, they are built to the same standard out of the same type, size and strength of lumber found in your normal home, the big difference is quality control.

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