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This oven features a color-blend Hardscape Block base and an elegant Red Firebrick on Tan Firebrick oven.
I wanted to build my own pizza oven because I have an unnatural love of pizza and building things. Over the next few days I’m going to give you all the information I can on how I built my pizza oven, but even after reading my tutorial I recommend that you do even more research.
So I ended up building my base on a series of 3 sets of sawhorses made with sawhorse brackets and 2x4s. Because you don’t necessarily want to build a pizza oven directly on wood, and because a bunch of sawhorses is pretty ugly, I built ANOTHER base out of antique bricks which I got for free from my neighbour. A pizza oven loses most of its heat through the top of the oven so some people don’t even bother to insulate the bottom, but I wanted to do everything I possibly could to hold as much heat in the oven as I could.
When you’re laying your fire bricks you need to make sure they are PERFECTLY even, perfectly level and perfectly mashed up against each other. Now that you’ve established you aren’t afraid to get your hands (or planter beds, or backcyard or face or hair or feet or ferns or Buddha head) dirty, you can move on to starting to build your actual oven! Now all you do is wet the sand and start building the world’s most boring sand castle.

A peel is the long handled wooden board that you slide the pizza in and out of the oven on. While this looks intriguing, my better half would have me committed within two seconds if she saw me building something similar to the mounds of potatoes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind on our new patio. Right now in SC it is 200 degrees in the shade and I can’t imagine building a fire but in the fall, winter and spring this would be fabulous. BrickWood OvensThat base is made of inexpensive cinder block (CMU block) which is 8" x 8" x 16" and is available at every hardware store across this great country!
Steven Corley Randel, Architect added this to How to Get a Pizza Oven for the PatioThis is a good example of a custom-built masonry pizza oven. I read everything I possibly could about pizza ovens before starting to build mine, so I felt like I had a really good understanding of how they worked and how to do it. How to make it, where to get your materials and how to start building the walls of your pizza oven with it. We had that every day in Italy – the local village bakery made bread in a huge wood fired oven. Watching her 4 part series of YouTube videos on how to build a cob oven will give you a really good idea of what’s involved and how to tackle the project.

Cooking over a fire isn’t child friendly but they will certainly respect a pizza oven. I wanted to store wood under the oven as we don’t have a lot of space for a separate wood pile. Thinking about it later I wish I had left the back open so there would have been better air flow around the wood keeping it dryer.
If you didn't insulate the base and set it on the ground you would ex spend a lot of energy heating up the soil underneath the oven.
Like the post says it takes several days if not weeks in between the various stages in order for the cob oven to dry properly. Instead in the finished oven you can see I have chopped down a wooden pallet to fit in the bottom, so the air can circulate. If you don't use fire bricks and just put the fire on flagstones they will crack and crumble with the heat.

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