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Living Willow Room at a private residence on Long Island; 18 feet by 9 feet and 8 feet tall. Before getting started, it is important to understand the characteristics of willow trees that make this artform possible.
Willows also have the magical ability to quickly form roots from any branch that is cut and stuck into the ground. In a flat part of the yard, pound a wooden stake (you can use one of your willow posts if you like) into the ground at the center point of where you would like the dome. Pound the willow posts into the ground in a circular shape around the center stake, using the string as a guide to make sure all posts are equidistant from the center. It is likely that several sprouts will emerge from the top of each post, but you should clip off all but the single most vigorous sprout from each one at first.
As the structure grows, train two branches together into an arch over each doorway to create a hobbit-hole. In the Hen basket tradition, using unpeeled willow, two hoops of willow will be woven and attached with willow binding at the handle.
Just make sure you factor in the increased or trapped humidity that will be in that air envelope. We’ve all seen baskets woven from willow branches, but it’s possible to weave the branches while they’re still alive to create almost any conceivable form.
Willow branches are long and pliant, which allows them to adapt into almost any form imaginable.

You’ll notice that certain places on any willow tree will have long straight sprouts that make the perfect material to start your willow dome. Water them absolutely as much as possible; you can’t overwater willow trees and the more you water, the faster they will grow. Consequently, in every class, many different baskets or living structures are being made simultaneously. Maybe you could leave a slit of about 10 inches of free airspace above the trellis (and not let it grow all the way to the roof) to leave room for the humid air to vent out when it warms with heat from the building. Once the willow framework is in place I'm hoping to add hawthorn and wild roses too for the berries and hips. But as much as it has become a part of high-tech building design, the principles of living structures are timeless and so simple that you can play with them — and make a fun and useful structure — in your own backyard. People have made living chairs, small bridges, fences, play structures, conceptual artwork, and many other designs with willow. Wherever two branches touch each other, the wood will fuse into a solid joint – the trait that gives structural integrity to a willow dome. Finally, it’s easy to find willow trees to propagate from, as they’re commonly found along streams and wetlands in almost every corner of the globe. The number of posts needed depends on the diameter of your dome and your goals for building it – read through the rest of the directions for more clarity on how many you’ll need for your project. If the soil is dry, you’ll want to run a sprinkler over the area for a few hours before starting to make sure it is soft and saturated – willows love water.

Otherwise, there will be space between the posts, resulting in a structure akin to an open air gazebo.
Spreading all-natural fertilizers around the willows (such as composted manure, bone meal, fish emulsion, etc.) will only accelerate the growth of your dome. In the past 10 years, she has started to build living willow structures (living baskets on a larger scale) as well as specialized design pieces. These would be planted 4- 8 inches (1- 2dm) away from the wall and would then create a buffer of air and temperature between the building wall and the living willow. This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to build a dome-shaped willow shade shelter; perhaps one of the simplest possible designs, and one that can be morphed into more complex structures if you get inspired. Don’t worry about taking cuttings for your willow dome project – the trees re-grow immediately and almost seem invigorated as a result of being cut back. Creating a living structure takes as much time as is necessary for the plants to grow, so it pays to work with a species that grows 6 to 8 feet a year.

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