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The Jaffa Apartment is set in a very old building situated in the old harbor of Tel Aviv, Israel. The last 15 pages of the text have been devoted to drawings of furniture pieces which may be built by the home craftsman. The result turns out very natural and the contemporary design apartment manages to combine both features of modern and old time design.
The idea of the project includes restoring some parts of the old building that are in bad condition and bringing them back to life as part of the apartment’s interior design. The rooms are designed with open plans and furnished with minimalist yet not too luxurious furniture. The old design is preserved into the elements of the building – the frame while the modern is expressed in the internal content of the spaces – the details. This section is essentially a prelude to How to Build Modern Furniture Volume 2: Designs and Assembly.

Though it is hard to tell from the limited information provided on the site, it appears that the mold has been created for chrome steel furniture.
Originally published in 1952, How to Build Modern Furniture Volume 2 by Mario Dal Fabbro (a famous furniture designer and craftsman) shows all of the essential tools and design information that the amateur craftsman will need to build beautiful modern furniture, including the designs and assembly of over 55 pieces of furniture with clear construction details. Pitsou Kedem Architects studio manages to renovate the space and turn it into a contemporary design apartment without losing the authentic sense of its ancient environment. Original published in 1951, How to Build Modern Furniture Volume 1 by Mario Dal Fabbro (a famous furniture designer and craftsman) gives a step-by-step coverage of all phases of furniture construction. The newly renovated and clean environment sets the base to transform the place into a contemporary design apartment.
Simple clean lines and natural materials come in touch with the stone rooms of the contemporary design apartment.
Section III illustrates the basic measurements of certain furniture pieces such as the heights of chairs and tables, the depths of chests, and the lengths of sofas, bookshelves and wardrobes.

The plans are for this cool furniture design to adorn a residential building lobby in Boston, Massachusetts. This is the most delicate part of the project as it requires careful matching of the furniture, colors and materials for the new interior. The complete 2-volume set of How to Build Modern Furniture is planned for the use of people in different branches of the furniture field, such as architects, draftsmen, interior decorators, cabinet makers, amateurs, hobbyists, and college students. The simple modern interior matches well with the strong majestic presence of the old building structure creating an interesting dialogue between different times. 53 step-by-step plans for contemporary pieces, with simple construction details for building your own professional-quality modern furniture!

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