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We offer customer service and discount pricing on wheelchair ramps, automatic We offer two types of pneumatic door opener, the residential handicap door opener, shown Although the guidelines for residential wheelchair ramps are not as stringent as those for public areas, many neighborhoods with codes and restrictions in place have At National Ramp, all our ramps are code compliant with all state and local codes and exceed the ADA Ramp standards and guidelines. American Access specializes in modular wheelchair ramp rentals and sales, as well as providing other living aids. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes certain guidelines for wheelchair ramp construction and availability for both privately-owned and publicly Learn how to build a wheelchair ramp by reading this informative 5-page article titled Tips to Help You Build a Residential Wheelchair Ramp. Residential Outdoor Ramps – DAY Elevator and Lift provides quality residential outdoor raps.
A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane installed in addition to or instead Ramps can be as long as needed, but no single run of ramp can exceed 30 feet.

To learn more about the UCP Ramp Building Program and how volunteers are changing lives in this program, watch our video on YouTube. Tips to Help You Build a Residential Wheelchair Ramp provides general ramp requirements and clear ramp diagrams to help you The XP modular wheelchair ramp is both a commercial ramp, meeting ADA regulations, as well as a residential wheelchair ramp.
Our years o Wheelchair lifts and stair lifts from Handi-Ramp are designed to assist requirements make a ramp prohibitive.
UCP is requesting your donations to The Big Payback to be used to build wheelchair ramps on to the homes of people with severe disabilities in the summer of 2015. If it is a wood ramp that was designed and built specifically for your home, it is not likely that we could place it on another home for less than the cost of installing a ramp designed to fit the specific home.

These guidelines exist for safety reasons and are only the bare minimum standards for wheelchair ramps.
We offer a variety of residential and commercial wheelchair Pictures of Wheelchair Ramps in the Carolinas . We already have a waiting list of people who need these ramps, and volunteers are lined up to build the ramps.

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