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Most have at least 10 pairs that they wear regularly and keeping them organized is important. This way, you can go straight to the style that you want for the day without having to look through tons of tennis shoes when you are heading out to the office. Adding shelving to one wall is a great way to keep all of your shoes together and have plenty of space for other things.
Via – Eatsleepdecorate Use a BookshelfBookshelves are great for organizing just about anything and you can use them to keep your shoe collection tidy as well.
Via – Pinterest originalsFinding the Ultimate SpaceThere are so many places where you can store your shoes. If you have the room to create shelves then you can put them in your master bedroom or closet.
Via – Shanty-2-chic Shoe RackYou can always buy a shoe rack that has enough space for all of your shoes.
Many of these can be hung on the wall so if you have an empty wall in your closet, you can add as many as you need to keep all of your shoes neat and tidy. If you have several pairs of boots then you want shelving that is going to be taller on bottom to accommodate those boots.
If you wear a lot of flip-flops then you can have several smaller shelves for holding those and other sizes for the other types that you wear.

Not only does it keep these items out of the house, the storage system keeps them neat and tidy in the garage and building it is relatively easy. An ordinary Ikea bookcase can easily be converted into shoe storage that is beautiful to look at and very effective in keeping your shoes in their place.
Woodworking, authorized Saw Stop (carpentry) including furniture, cabinets, carcase construction saw out of all the plans. You can even take it a step further if you have a lot of shoes and organize them by style and then by color.
Consider building it into the bedroom wall to save space and have the perfect place to keep shoes and other accessories organized. You can also use a vanity shelf to store them neatly and even those smaller shelves that hang on the walls are perfect for keeping shoes off the floor.
Average shoe racks will hold around 20 pair of shoes so the amount that you need depends on your shoe collection itself. Just a few pieces of boards and the hardware to hang them will allow you plenty of places to keep shoes and you can add as many shelves as you need depending on how much space you put between them. You can create this DIY shoe organizer in just about an hour and has loads of space to store all of your shoes. If you have ever had one of those mornings where you just can’t find the mate to your favorite pair of shoes, then you know just how important organization is. You can easily organize all of those shoes into the perfect little pile and never have to worry about losing one again.There are many things that you can turn into shoe organizers that look great and are really effective at keeping everything neat and tidy in the closet.

Via – Marcusdesigninc Turn Shelves into OrganizersIf you have the space, you can just add a few shelves to your closet to hold your shoes. Via – Brabournefarm Hanging Shoe StorageWith a few strips of board, you can create the perfect place to hang your heels in the closet. Via – Amazon Tailor Shoe StorageGetting the perfect shoe storage depends on the types of shoes that you wear. Via – Thevintagecabin Build a Garage Shoe Storage SystemIf you have shoes in the garage, you can build your own system to store these shoes and keep them off the floor. If not, you can just keep your shoes organized on the shelf in your bedroom or master bath – just wherever you have the room for it. Via – Ariannabelle Behind the Door StorageIf you just don’t have the room in your closet for shoe storage, consider putting shelving up behind your bedroom door.
Via – Ourhomefromscratch Ikea Bookcase Turned Shoe OrganizerIkea hacks are great and this one involves shoe storage, so it’s super great.

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