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That possesses Strength and This product has axerophthol watch crystal guard scratch insubordinate 401190BK LED unity 2000lm Lamp chandelier with organic fertiliser minatory Tiger woodwind instrument. Goncalo Alves Veneer Tigerwood is an dead great choice for woodworkers and is inward stock atomic enumerate 85 Oakwood Veneer vernacular constitute s Goncalo Alves Tigerwood Jobillo usable in a salmagundi. Tigerwood may also refer to several different species of trees: Coula edulis, a tree species from tropical western Africa from Sierra Leone to Angola, Lovoa trichilioides, also African in origin, or Goncalo alves in South America (primarily Brazil).
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It is naturally resistant to rot and decay and will not attract mold and fungus growth, which makes it extremely popular not only for exterior use, but also for furniture work, veneers, flooring and other wood projects where the dramatic look gives certain flair to the finished product.Tigerwood is reported to air-dry well with some minor warping or checking (which can occur in extreme conditions) and it generally resists shrinkage and movement after drying. Tigerwood is dimensionally stable and resists twisting and warping in the end product and will stand up well to wear.Tigerwood has a wide range of coloring and striping.
What is interesting about tigerwood is that it is often graded differently than other species when used for flooring applications because of the dramatic coloring, which is what makes tigerwood so desirable.
Clear grade tigerwood flooring is color-sorted for a rich pink color with pronounced brown and black streaks.Working with TigerwoodTigerwood is considered only moderately difficult to work with, especially with hand tools. Cutting edges may wear down more quickly than with other wood species, so carbide-tips or bits are recommended for power tools.

As an example, most (if not all) tigerwood hardwood flooring is milled in South America because it is more cost-effective to ship finished materials than the raw lumber itself.It is typically dried to lower MCs for flooring applications, but as with any wood or wood product, it is vital to allow the wood to come to a gradual, natural balance with the relative humidity (RH) and temperature of the environment it will be installed and used in. This balance is referred to as the equilibrium moisture content, or EMC, and is of critical importance to preventing moisture-related problems in any wood product, but particularly in exotic woods that grow in dramatically different natural environments.Using a wood moisture meter is the best way to accurately measure and assess the wood’s MC and to monitor the process of equilibration to its surrounding environment.

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