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The bullet point, twist-type wood drill bits are often used when creating a clean hole is required.
When using a hand-operated brace to bore deep holes, wood auger drill bits are the best choice in most cases.
The Best Tools for Drilling Big HolesIf you're remodeling, you might find yourself needing to bore some big holes through studs or joists. These carbon steel, twist-type drill bits are not suited for drilling steel and will dull very quickly if used on any type of steel; they also break more easily than the high-speed steel drill bits.
These wood drill bits have a pointed center, coupled with two spurs on each side of the drill bit. The pointy nose on this drill bit cuts smoothly through the wood and does not splinter around the hole as the bit breaks through.

These wood drill bits use a screw-like center point to actually aid in pulling the bit into the wood.
The bullet-style point on the end of the drill bit makes it easier to position it in the exact spot than other twist-type drill bits.
The downside to this style of drill bit is that the wood often splinters as the drill bit exits the wood, leaving a very rough finish to the hole.
For example, a spur point bit is used when smooth, straight holes are needed and bullet point bits are used for wood that could easily splinter. Often referred to as a dowel bit, this style of wood drill bit should only be used on wood or soft plastic.
These drill bits also require a very powerful drill motor when boring very deep or when using a large bit.

These wood drill bits also produce a flat bottom in the hole and are well-suited for installing dowels in a handrailing or fence.
Certainly one of these bits can bore through framing lumber, especially when chucked into a ½-inch drill.

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