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Simple woodworking plans to help you build a Bath Storage Shelf with robe hooks designed to store towels and other bathroom supplies.
This isn't the real before BEFORE photo (we can technically start with a hole in the ground, because that's where we started working on this bathroom), it's more like the Getting There photo. Last week I decided to give the bathroom some "sprucing up" as in adding lots of spruce to the walls (will post a tute on that soon) and then thinking, this space needs some color! So 1 1x8 spruce board later, and some leftover blue paint from the Porch swing and a few hooks, and we've got some color! I've got quite a few more projects planned to finish up what Grace is calling the "Girl's Bathroom" so stay tuned for more. If you tack sides together with some panel pins you could carefully cut both at the same time. You have no idea how useful this kind of shelves can be in a bathroom, they are great for depositing towels, cosmetics, or other supplies and aren't that hard to build. There are Bathroom Wall Shelving pictures with high resolution images again to check, so do not miss to see Stunning pictures all in Excellent Tips to Create a Stylish Bathroom Wall Shelving article galleries for your next inspiration.

Art beautifully meets function with our wide selection of wall storage and personal organization decor. Think about placing photographs and art cards in unique wall organizers for an eclectic look.
With everything from elaborate hooks to floating shelves, we've got just the wall organization you need to eliminate clutter and unleash your creativity.
You can use all kind of bathroom furnishings and accessories to have you own inspired Martha bathroom. I will do my own "Martina Bath Wall torage with hooks" for the two bathrooms in my new homes. We've got just the right shelves for books and artwork, the perfect hooks to keep coats and bags tidy and great organizers that'll get those odds and ends up and out of the way.
Choose wall storage with a unique finish or an unusual shape that will accentuate your prized pieces. Make an intriguing display for a collection of collectibles by mixing several wall mount storage options together.

Keep the family on track with a chalkboard in the hallway, mudroom or, better still, the bath! Wall storage not only eliminates clutter, but it gives you an opportunity to flaunt your creative side too. A balanced array of our wall hooks and racks in complementary colors and finishes will give your wall a gallery feel. Make sure those notes-to-self get read with a pretty, eye-catching bulletin board in your home office or a small memo board in the bedroom.

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