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June 12, 2011 By Beckie 1 Comment DIY Diva built this gorgeous sink console complete with a double cabinet, lower shelf, and tiled top. We installed new sturdier shelves in the cabinet, made adjustments for plumbing access, added casters to raise it up to a better height, and painted it deep blue with a lacquer finish. I used a DIY tub refinishing kit, and even though it got off to a pretty rocky start, I am very happy with the results.
Installing a bathroom sink in a vanity is made easier by the fact that the supply lines and the drain all remain hidden within a cabinet.
A vanity cabinet can be installed anywhere as long as the stop valves and drain line fit inside. The stop valves and drainpipe should be in place and close enough together to be enclosed by the cabinet. To install a drop-in self-rimming sink, first install a laminate countertop or, for a tile countertop, plywood and concrete backerboard.

If your sink has mounting clips, slip several of them in place and turn them sideways so they grab the underside of the counter.
Owner Jesse Carrier and his team added custom hinged wood tops to create one of the most unusual and beautiful bathroom vanities you’ll ever see.
The top was sealed with polyurethane — an important step when repurposing furniture to accommodate plumbing — and the square vessel sinks were sealed with caulk around their edges. Real oak wine barrels make beautiful furniture — craftsman John Koering painstakingly refitted this barrel as a vanity for Premier Copper Products, which sells the striking hammered copper vessel sink used here. Less-expensive cabinets are made of laminated particleboard that quickly disintegrates when it gets wet. A single-piece vanity top rests on top of the cabinet and is typically held in place by its own weight and a bead of caulk or adhesive applied to the top edge of the cabinet. Apply a bead of bathtub caulk or a rope of plumber's putty around the hole and set the sink.

Prepping a wooden barrel for a humid bathroom requires special care, so don’t go plopping a sink into one without researching the finer points of finishing and sealing. If the cabinet has a back, you'll need to measure and cut three holes for the two supply lines and the drain. I am absolutely drooling over this vanity, especially considering the cheapo cabinetry that graces my bathrooms. Set the sink in, wipe away the excess caulk, and wait several hours before attaching the plumbing.

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