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Materials: There are a lot of different options available for building and designing your arcade.
I used a jigsaw, router, and drill to build this cabinet so the tool requirement is not out of reach for a beginner. I'm finally back, and I'm here to show you how to make an Arcade Machine for your own personal enjoyment.
This is one of the most crucial questions you have to ask yourself before jumping in and start building an arcade machine.

The thing about building entertainment machines or anything else of the sort is that they lose their shimmer after a certain amount of time. I have built a couple of arcade cabinets and have enjoyed learning how to build them and customize them. I just got approval from my Electrical Engineering Department to make a pair of these cabinets as recruiting tools. It's really not too difficult, nor too expensive (compared to how much real arcade machines cost), so this makes for a great summer project.

Standard saws, drills, and other power tools will make the construction of an arcade machine run smoothly. I didn't have enough money for *actual* arcade controls because I spent most of the money in the wood, paint, and plexiglass, so I settled with two PS1 arcade sticks and a PS1-to-USB adapter.

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