What is better than soundproof windows than usual?

Soundproof windows. Is that better than a simple windows?

From time to time, some kind of noise outside hardly matters to anyone. It is bad, however, if the house is embarrassed by the constant, loud noise of rest and sleep. Therefore, before health deteriorates, the owner of a house or apartment exposed to noise should consider installing special soundproof windows like here https://glawindows.com/, which are reduced depending on the sound insulation characteristics of the window. Then neither the neighbor obsessed with the party nor the frogs in love in the pond or at the nearby airport have a chance. Today it is difficult to surprise a city dweller with the presence of windows made of polymer materials. But not every consumer knows that installing plastic windows can not only increase the temperature inside the premises, but also get rid of the annoying noise of cars from the street. After the survey, scientists at the University of Cambridge came to the conclusion: soon even the transport will travel according to a certain decibel rate. According to statistics of respondents in 100,000 people:

Do not trust the seller if he claims that a single-chamber package will completely save the consumer from street noise. This is not true. When using only one camera, the noise level will decrease only by 25-35 dB. And if the busy highway runs right outside the windows, the sound of a sports bike of 180 dB will be clearly visible from a long distance. Do not forget that the soundproof windows must be airtight, only in this case they can provide proper isolation from extraneous sounds.

How does sound insulation work in the window area?

The main factors that make soundproof windows ideal are the following factors: Improved design of the window glass, sash and frame, as well as the joints between the sash and the frame. Glazing soundproof windows is a master at reducing noise. This is achieved, in particular, by using an asymmetric glass structure in comparison with conventional thermal glazing and with a higher proportion of glass. Laminated glass is often used, in which special soundproof films are installed between two glued panels. In addition, several sealing levels improve the tightness and therefore sound insulation of the window.

Each room needs its own soundproofing

Wherever you seek tranquility in your home, soundproof windows should be effective. This applies, for example, to dormitories, where any form of noise negatively affects night sleep. This is already a little louder in the living room and in the kitchen, then an office or a bathroom follows, where experience shows that in any case it is more lively. The soundproofing effect of windows can also vary accordingly. No matter what type of window or soundproofing class is used, the new windows provide greater security, increase living comfort, save expensive heating costs thanks to modern materials and production methods, and also keep the outside cold. Added to this is the use of free solar energy, which helps reduce heating costs in winter and during the transition period.

Expert advice: “In the process of modernization, the old roller shutters are often left behind, and the noise penetrates the old, not particularly insulated roller shutter box. Then the client has top soundproof windows, but still noise in the house. Installing a special soundproofing insert in an existing jumper or installing a specially insulated stand for roller shutters can help.