Pros and Cons of Windows VPS Hosting

Pros and Cons of Windows VPS Hosting

Virtual hosting is the simplest type of hosting, when the sites of several clients are located on the physical server of the hoster.

This type of hosting is best suited for small Internet projects and can provide them with uninterrupted operation and reliable support - something that is necessary for the full development and gradual increase in the audience.

Companies often provide virtual hosting on the basis of the operating system Windows, in this connection it makes sense to voice the advantages and disadvantages of the choice in favor of hosting on the basis of Windows.

Is it worth choosing Windows hosting

When Windows hosting is relevant

It should be noted, in what cases are relevant windows vps. This depends directly on how the site that you are going to host was created.

There are three fundamental hosting technologies that ensure that your internet sites run smoothly and consistently. These are:

So, if your website was created for the following set of technologies, for its professional support you need a Windows hosting:

A complete list of programs, their components and versions used on Windows hosting servers can be found on the web.


Advantages of VPS-server

Earlier we have already mentioned some of them, now we are going to discuss each of them in details.

Full control - all in your hands. A tenant of VPS-server gets full access to it - the level of root for Unix and Administrator for Windows. You can install any necessary software, customize the server as you like, choose the operating system.

Restrictions are minimal. The number of databases, sites, domain zones depends on you, the main thing that enough server resources.

Dedicated IP-address. This means that your site will not be blocked, even if the "neighbors" on the physical server will fall under sanctions, as it could be with virtual hosting.

Full independence from other users. Yes, one physical server hosts multipleVPS, but they are completely isolated from each other and do not overlap. Each client is allocated a clear amount of computing power, "tug-of-war" is excluded.

Balanced price. Yes, VPS hosting is more expensive than virtual hosting, but cheaper than a physical server. 

All possibilities for scalability. The project has shown rapid growth and the available resources are not enough? Planning a growth project? Add the necessary parameters or switch to another pricing plan.

Deployment time. VPS servers are your choice when you need to start up here and now. You'll need just a few minutes to fill out a form on our site and soon we'll have you up and running. To set up a physical server, you need to compare prices on equipment, order and pick it up, and then install and debug it.

No maintenance costs. Here we are referring to the salary of the admin, and more downtime when he is on sick leave or vacation. Putting two such employees is not practical, unless you have a corporation. Are you ready to tackle all the technical details and replace the system administrator, if necessary?

Disadvantages of VPS server

Price, but only in comparison with shared hosting. Yes, VPS is more expensive than shared hosting, but cheaper than a physical server. And do not forget about the different pricing plans - you can find the very balance of price and allocated capacity.

Administration. Some knowledge you still need, without that nowhere. But it's not necessary to employ a system administrator, moreover, the task is simplified by the presence of an intuitive control panel. If you can't figure something out, ask a question to technical support. And remember that your administration is equal to the safety of your data, unlike virtual hosting.

Shared disk system and communication channel. Even living in an isolated apartment, you may experience discomfort if the water or electricity is cut off around the house, for example. The same is with virtual server: some users can still abuse dedicated resources and disturb neighbors, but to these offenders are applied sanctions, up to disconnection from the service.
As you can see, all the disadvantages of VPS are relative and can be easily corrected.

What projects are suitable for

We have already said that this solution is justified for almost any Internet project, but now give some specifics. So, for whom is the virtual dedicated server intended?

Highly loaded sites. To begin with, answer the question: how critical for you the stability of the resource? If it is, for example, an online store, the level of importance is the maximum, because of its availability directly depends on income. It also matters traffic: the traffic of 10-15 thousand people a day the possibility of virtual hosting is not enough. In addition, do not forget about data security and the risk of being penalized because of the neighbor violators.
Testing and development. The advantages are obvious: install any software and work on a convenient operating system, adjust the allocated capacity to your needs without buying expensive equipment.

VPN and proxy servers. As in the previous cases, stability and security are important, which is guaranteed by VPS hosting. You get anonymous connection, higher data transfer rate, protection against identity theft and cyberattacks.

IP telephony, twenty-four-hour video surveillance. In first case you get possibility to create unlimited number of numbers, full control over calls without buying expensive equipment. In the second case, a virtual dedicated server will be your video storage, which will be accessible from anywhere in the world, where there is Internet.

In addition, VPS-servers are the best solution for educational institutions which actively implement IT in the educational process. Websites of institutions, distance learning materials, other student data - all this can be stored on a dedicated server.