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The elementary school on my street is once again brimming with excitement and back-to-school jitters. As the new school year began and parents packed their kids off for classrooms and dorm rooms, this school year might bring some extra worry, with the Virginia Tech shooting last April reopening old Columbine High School-style wounds. Even during the 1990s, when fears of school shootings ran high and violence was at its peak, students had less than a seven in 10 million chance of being killed at school.
The few schools that do have considerable safety problems still tend to have far lower crime rates than their surrounding neighborhoods do. While killings within families and at workplaces vastly outnumber school shootings overall, when violence does happen at schools it strikes a particular chord.

Recent events can re-open old worries about school violence and mask the reality that schools are significantly safer now than they were a decade ago. There is a danger, however, in focusing so much on unlikely events that we ignore many of the complex issues plaguing so many schools: overcrowding, outdated materials, decaying facilities and overwhelmed teachers, not to mention alienating students with rigid one-size-fits-all policies.
The first event involved hiring the inaugural Dean for the new law school of the University of California, Irvine (my undergraduate alma mater). I remember we had a Halloween festival at my elementary school, where we were encouraged to walk through a dark room while scary music played in the background. Department of Education, crime in schools was cut in half between 1992 and 2002 and has continued to decline since.

Urban high school students are three times more likely to be victimized away from school than on school property.
Shortly after facing this firestorm, Drake decided to reverse course (again) and reinstate his offer to Chemerinsky to be the inaugural Dean of UC Irvine's law school.
Perhaps the biggest danger facing our nation’s schools is using our scarce resources to massage our fears rather than to educate a generation.

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