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For the last two decades, I have successfully represented clients who were facing numerous types of criminal charges. I care greatly about my clients and am concerned for their futures when they are facing criminal charges. The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post recently explored the issue of posting mug shots online. The hiring of a Florida criminal defense lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.
Delsa Bush is a law enforcement official and has been employed with the City of West Palm Beach since 1983.

It is imperative that you choose a West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney who can help you fight back against the ruthless prosecution. Some see it as a chance to find prospective clients and point out that news shows like Law & Order have created a public fascination inthe criminal justice system.
Any type of charge can negatively impact a person's life and I strive to prevent a client from facing any type of serious criminal charges. Ridolfo, Jr., am the only lawyer at my firm, and I have experience necessary to resolve complex criminal cases.
Chief Williams has worked tirelessly to improve the image of the Riviera Beach Police Department, restore public confidence in the Department and create intra-agency partnerships to improve overall police services for the community.

She continued her experience at West Palm throughout the years rising to the ranks of Captain and Assistant Chief of Police before becoming the 2004 Chief of Police.
Burdick is married to Gregory Burdick and has a son who graduated from Palm Beach County School District.

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