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COOKEVILLE — Hip-hop artist Nelly pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug charges in Putnam County Criminal Court on Friday afternoon. The rapper, wearing a simple white polo-style shirt and dark jeans, was not restrained for his court appearance, but he was ushered into the courtroom among Putnam County Jail inmates who were there awaiting hearings for their cases also on Friday’s docket.

That means that upon the successful completion of the terms accepted by Criminal Court Judge Gary McKenzie on Friday and if Haynes acquires no new offenses within a prescribed time frame, the charges to which the rapper pleaded Friday will be expunged from his criminal history. Nelly was reportedly among the top five selling musical artists of the 2000s, and according to a 2013 online publication listing the top 20 richest rappers, he ranked 17th with a net worth of approximately $55 million.

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