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Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire an expert: the care of your lawn requires a number of tasks. To keep your garden lush and green, you need to weed, water and water regularly throughout the year, and maintain the lawn regularly. If your lawn is particularly large, it may be useful to hire a lawn care provider.

Plan to mow your lawn often so that it stays longer than it may seem comfortable, but long grass is healthier than no grass. Grass starts to grow quickly, so cut back as quickly as possible, even if it is only a few weeks old. Cut at least three times a week and if possible every two weeks.

If you think the situation is spiraling out of control, use a post, a herbicide that occurs in the spring or summer. Weeds that have escaped from the use of herbicides should be removed with a garden fork.

Read our tips on getting rid of weeds, such as our guide to the best weed removal tools and tips for gardeners to get more information about weeds.

A good lawn service company can even lay pallets with spade cuts and install new grass, and it can also advise you on which types of lawn work best in different climates and on different soils. If you are pruning trees or planting trees in the same area as your lawn, hire a landscaper instead.

This includes removing old or dying branches, pruning flowers and shrubs, removing brown stains, and cleaning and watering.

Using a lawn maintenance service to clean and maintain your garden in spring and autumn can save you time. Before you plant your lawn, decide what features you want, how you want to use it and how much time and money you want to invest.

In hot, dry and windy summer conditions, the high-density fixed grass can work better than blue grass because it can grow faster and not cause as much damage. In many cases, large fescues, although they look good, need a lot of water (like blue grasses) to look good. A 1,000-square-foot lawn requires 2.25 inches of water a week, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Make sure you check the label and make sure it is a pure large feast, not a mixture of high and medium grasses or a mixture of both.

Some outfits sell seed mixtures for annual ryegrass and call it a children’s grass, but it makes for high-strength plants that take longer to sprout.

The high festive flower is one of the drought tolerant species and forms a deep root. Together with this type of grass and the rare irrigation, it is a good choice to fight weeds in spring and summer as well as in winter. Buy the best grass seeds and enjoy increased resistance with Pennington's Smart Seed, which is grown for high quality, low cost grasses such as ryegrass, grass clover and grasshopper.

Lawn care also requires feeding, so look for fertilizers that are released quickly and slowly and contain nitrogen. The results of soil studies will recommend how many pounds of nitrogen your lawn needs annually based on organic matter and other considerations. The number on the fertilizer label indicates whether the product actually contains nitrogen or other nutrients, so you can adjust it to your needs.

Your lawn also benefits from ventilation, which creates small holes in the grass so that air, water and nutrients can penetrate to its roots.

Although most homeowners can do this task themselves, a full-service lawn care company can do it for you and take all the advice you need to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Most lawn care service owners prefer to start with simple mowing and add more services when they gain more experience and equipment, although they can also start from scratch and add more services as needed. Some lawn businesses send two people to the construction site, with one person doing the mowing while the other cuts the areas that are not accessible with the lawnmower. Bush and hedge trimming are often offered as an additional service, but are time consuming and require more craftsmanship than mowing.

A man or woman or band can be on site for a few hours at a time, with the site allocated additional time once the work is completed.

A well maintained lawn almost always brings in 100% or more of your investment, and you realize that the lawn you love is also the one that pays you back when you sell. Here are some tips on lawn care to help you get a lush lawn in spring and autumn.



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