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Attorney R. Dean Davenport is an experienced trust lawyer and probate attorney serving Collin County, Texas since 2012. We are aware that the loss of a loved one can frequently be hard enough without the extra stress of navigating the intricacies of the legal system.

What happens if someone dies with a will?

There are clear measures you need to take, irrespective of whether the man who passed away had a will. If the individual had a revocable living trust, irrevocable trust, or another sort of property plan, this could be known as"estate management".

Even though Texas has a rather simple and straightforward estate probate procedure compared with other nations, it is still possible to encounter problems when administering an estate or will. People are able to make the mistake of picking the wrong kind of probate, or cope with competitions to some will, disputes over who will inherit money, companies, property, or personal possessions. Lots of people don't upgrade their will, and when somebody called in a will is no more living this may also require additional measures to be taken. Attorney R. Dean Davenport has helped customers searching for a probate lawyer in McKinney, TX browse these issues with extreme expertise for almost a decade.

What should I Do if somebody passes away without a will?

This is Known as intestate distribution.

Assuming you Are not married, the Texas Estates Code summarizes these guidelines for administering an estate for somebody who had no estate plan or will:

Assuming both Of the descendants (individual who has passed away) parents are residing, the estate will be distributed evenly among both parents.

In the event That you have brothers or sisters, your parents could get 50 percent of their estate, and the other half will be divided amongst your siblings.

In a situation Where the individual who passed does not have a living mother and father, the estate would then be dispersed evenly against your siblings, presuming they had them. For somebody who has no brothers and sisters, the exact same 50/50 rule could apply, but only to the living relatives on the mother's and father's sides of the family.

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