How to get more followers on Instagram in a REAL way

To have impact and visibility on Instagram, you need to have an audience, and the bigger and closer to your buyer persona, the better. For this reason, many brands and aspiring influencers consider the need to get followers on this network.

If you also set yourself this goal, you're in luck! In this complete guide we are going to see all the recommendations to get more followers on Instagram, either through publications on your wall, Stories or through advertising.

General recommendations to get more followers on Instagram

1 # Be clear about your goal

Yes, it is clear that you want to get more followers on Instagram but what are your marketing goals on this network? How are those followers going to contribute to get more income for your business?

The presence on  Instagram must always be subject to a  content and promotion strategy, which in turn is in line with the general plan of the company. It is of little use to have a lot of followers if you don't know what you are going to do with them!

That said, my recommendation is that you set quantifiable follower growth targets to see if the techniques used are working or not. The specific objective will depend on the situation of your brand, but to begin with, many users who are starting out on this network aim to reach 10,000 followers.

This number is not accidental, since from that figure,  Instagram allows you to put links in your Stories . This is a much more effective option to attract traffic than the link in the bio, since it allows you to include a different link in each Story and relate them to each content to improve the conversion rate.


2 # Take into account the new Instagram algorithm

In reality, what you want is not just to have more followers, but to get  more people to see your posts . Until a few years ago, Instagram users saw everything posted by the accounts they followed, but now Instagram establishes an  order of priority based on an algorithm that has changed from a while ago to now .

Therefore, sign up these recommendations so that your visibility does not decline:


3 # Optimize your profile

When a user is considering following you, they will most likely take a look at your profile. The first impression you make will be essential for them to follow you or not, so you want to keep it as updated and optimized as possible. In particular, I recommend you pay attention to these points:

4 # Choose the hashtags well

As we mentioned before, the new Instagram algorithm represents a change in the way we use hashtags. Whereas before we could put almost any hashtag that was relevant to the post, now we have to be much more  selective .

To select the appropriate hashtags, we have to take into account the size of the account and the objectives to be achieved. If you are new to Instagram, you might want to start with more "niche" hashtags, since they are easier to position and therefore can be used to attract new followers. It is also advisable not to always put the same hashtags, but to vary and test to see what works best.

And finally, keep in mind that you can not only introduce hashtags in your publications, but also in the bio itself.

5 # Look for interaction

Profiles with a  high interaction ratio are  more attractive to users and to the Instagram algorithm, which rewards them with greater visibility. In general, it  is considered that the engagement rate on Instagram should be at least 2% .

These good practices will help you get more interactions and followers on Instagram:


6 # Don't cheat

As you probably already know, the fastest way to increase your number of followers on Instagram is to buy them. But it is a fraudulent practice that will end up harming you, since fake followers do not interact with the profiles they follow and therefore make the Instagram algorithm penalize you.

Other strategies to substitute the purchase can be:


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