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Walmart is one of the biggest businesses in the world, with locations in all fifty states, Europe, and even some parts of Asia. There are high chances that you have visited a location at least once in your lifetime.




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    Walmart is one of the biggest businesses in the world, with locations in all fifty states, Europe, and even some parts of Asia. There are high chances that you have visited a location at least once in your lifetime. If you are a particularly savvy shopper, you have probably also heard about how you can shop at Walmart over the internet; indeed, it is no longer necessary to take a trip down to the brick-and-mortar superstore to obtain what you need when you can buy all of the items that you want with the click of the button. As with all new changes, though, some may wonder at the usefulness of shopping at The answer is…well, there are many! Here are five reasons why you should shop at


    This one is somewhat obvious, especially if you’ve ever had to assemble all of your children into your vehicle to drive them to the store and get what they need. The fact that you can obtain everything you would want from the store with a click of a button – and from the comfort of your own home -- can be an enticing reason to do your shopping on this website. Once you select the items from the webpage that you would want to buy (Your “Shopping Cart”) , you enter your credit card information and place the order – and the orders usually come quickly! Plus, there is free shipping for orders over 35 dollars!


    Have you ever endlessly wondered around in the store, hopelessly trying to find a given item that you need? While other physical stores and Walmart are well-organized, navigating through the buildings can become exhausting and frustrating. , on the other hand, makes finding what you need a world easier. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see an icon will three bars ( the Menu). By hovering over this icon, you will get a list of the different categories of the items that are on sale, from Video Games and Furniture to Crafts and Party Supplies. This menu allows one to easily find exactly what they are looking for, and fast. Even if you do not take fancy to the menu bar, you can always simply search the items that you are looking for, and the search bar will generate matches based on what you enter. Clearly, the efficiency and organization of is hard to beat.

    Bonus Deals

    Not only do you same hassle when you purchase at -- you also save some green. There are often many deals offered on that are not offered in the actual store, or even at any other store, which makes shopping at the Walmart website even more attractive. For example, many of their deals are 30 percent or even 40 percent off of what you would pay at any other store.

    Exclusive Online Items

    Yes, you’ve read correctly: online exclusive items. Since the website items include those that are sold from locations all over the country, you have an extended amount of what you can buy, as opposed to other shopping websites. Featured on the “Only at” page are a variety of highly-desired and best-selling items that are exclusive to the website, including a bicycles, a wooden swing set, pillows, sheets, and assorted furniture. Trying to find the perfect item and the perfect price is hard enough as is. The wide variety to choose from when Shopping at makes the process much easier.


    Shopping at other physical stores can be a real chore, especially near holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Heck, shopping at other online websites can sometimes be a real headache, as it can often take long to find what you need and to actually set up the order. has neither of these issues. The way that the website is set up, you can find what you need and finalize your order in under five minutes. The friendly and familiar blue-and-white interface make it extremely clear as to where you need to go to find the item that you need. Instead of having to enter a long hodgepodge of personal information in order to set your order, at, all you need to do is only enter the essentials (like your name, credit card number/expiration date/ address,. Etc…), and your goods will be on your way! This is one of the many reasons why I look forward to using in the future.