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William Carleton (Twitter: @wac6) is a nationally known lawyer with 24 years experience counseling emerging companies, their founders, and their investors. As a member of McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren PLLC in Seattle, Bill leads a boutique practice serving emerging companies in Web, Digital Media, FinTech, Robotics, IT, Gaming, Custom Software Development, and other internet and software-based industries.

Bill is active in national policy impacting angel investors and the private financing ecosystem for startups and emerging companies. He serves as Chair of the Angel Capital Association's Public Policy Committee Advisory Council, and writes, speaks and presents frequently on general solicitation, accredited investor verification, and other reforms under the JOBS Act. He has written articles on these topics for the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, GeekWire and VC Experts, and has been quoted on the JOBS Act by the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Inc.com, Crowdsourcing.org, Compliance Week, KQED.org, and other publications.

Speaking Engagements:

Investor Experience With Accredited Platforms Angel Capital Association Webinar (moderator) January 13, 2016
Update on ACA, Public Policy & What Happened Yesterday 2015 Angel Insights Exchange, New Orleans November 10, 2015
And the Beat Goes On 2015 Angel Capital Association Summit, San Diego April 15, 2015
The New SEC Regulations: Practical Interpretation and Guidance for Angel Group Management Activities 2014 Angel Capital Association Summit, Washington DC March 27, 2014
Disruptive Alternatives: An insight to Crowd Funding and Peer-to-Peer lending, the new investment vehicles for investors Thomson Reuters 2014 Online Financial Services Symposium, NYC March 25, 2014
Confust it All TWiL #222 August 2, 2013
JOBS Act - The Latest, What it Means for Angels, and What ACA is Doing 2013 Angel Capital Association Summit, San Francisco April 19, 2013
Two kinds of investment crowdfunding Angel Capital Association: 2013 Northwest Regional Meeting March 14, 2013
Crowdfunding, AngelList and angel investing: the Venn of it all Seattle Angel Conference March 4, 2013
Equity Crowdfunding Dissected Docracy's Legal Stuff Explained 2.4 October 18, 2012
Private Offerings: Impact of the Elimination of Regulation D Rule 506 Prohibitions on General Solicitation Law Seminars International: Taking Advantage of the JOBS Act May 3, 2012
Public policy update Angel Capital Association: 2012 Northwest Regional Meeting May 1, 2012
Webinar : Understanding the JOBS Act Angel Capital Association and VC Experts April 4, 2012
Legal Advice For Entrepreneurs & Their Companies Legal Advice For Entrepreneurs & Their Companies March 12, 2012
The New Reality - Impact of Washington DC Policymakers on Angels and Startups 2012 Angel Capital Association Summit, Austin, TX March 7, 2012
Beyonce, Bad Laws, and Breastaurants TWiL #133 2011
Apple mobile trade dress and other topics TWiL #108 2011
Public Policy Outlook Panel Angel Capital Association Northwest Regional Meeting 2011
Technology startups (breakout session) 2011 IBOP Conference 2011
The Future of Social Media SMC Seattle Workshop: Social Media and the Law 2010
Angel Term Sheets 2010 Angel Capital Association Summit - Pre-Summit Term Sheet Program, Panelist 2010

Press & Editorial:

Want to Avoid "General Solicitation?" Focus on Relationships! ACA Angel Insights Blog November 23, 2015
Referenced in Crowdfunding Gets State-Level Test Run Wall Street Journal December 4, 2013
Quoted in JOBS Act Secretly Cramps Friends-and-Family Funding Inc.com October 1, 2013
The Trojan Horse of Accredited-Investor Verification The Accelerators, Wall Street Journal September 27, 2013
Quoted in General Solicitation Brings Startups Capital, Risks Wall Street Journal September 23, 2013
Angel investing: The walls come tumbling down GeekWire September 23, 2013
Quoted in FINRA tackles private securities as investors seek yield Reuters August 29, 2013
Interviewed in SEC Plans for New Disclosures on Private Offerings Draw Fire Compliance Week August 27, 2013
Let's have general solicitation as Congress intended it TechCrunch July 19, 2013
Interviewed for SEC votes to lift general solicitation ban Crowdsourcing.org July 10, 2013
Interviewed for No more secrecy? SEC votes to allow startups, VCs, hedge funds to talk about fundraising GeekWire July 10, 2013
Co-author of Expert Q&A on Accredited Crowdfunding Practical Law Company June 20, 2013
Referenced in What Does Gay Marriage Have to do with Private Equity WSJ Private Equity Beat June 19, 2013
Quoted in What's Really Going on With Crowdfunding Inc.com April 10, 2013
Quoted in Solar Company Can "Crowd Fund" $100 Million, Regulators Say KQED.org April 8, 2013
What the SEC letters to FundersClub and AngelList mean for investment crowdfunding Crowdsourcing.org (editorial) April 2, 2013
Visual language: Stagecraft in Obama’s Google Hangout GeekWire February 15, 2013
Three things broken in investment crowdfunding that SEC regulations won't fix Crowdsourcing.org (editorial) January 7, 2013
Legal lessons from Amazon’s ‘noncompete’ battle with Google GeekWire December 31, 2012
(Cited in) Website names tied to crowdfunding spike Reuters REFILE December 5, 2012
Congratulations President Obama, Now Please Help Fix Equity Crowdfunding Crowdsourcing.org (editorial) November 9, 2012
Quoted in Does the U.S. Equity Crowdfunding Legislation Need a "Do- over"? Crowdsourcing.org (editorial) October 5, 2012
Driverless cars: Looking under the legislation’s hood GeekWire September 26, 2012
Quoted in Kickstarter Clarifies Refund Policy After News Report KQED News Fix September 5, 2012
Interviewed in In 'Crowdfunding,' Money Trail is Murky KQED Radio August 23, 2012
Questions I'd ask before listing a startup on FundersClub GeekWire August 23, 2012
Boss signing in to your Facebook account? There's a law for that GeekWire June 4, 2012
Interviewed for Crowdfunding Is Coming, But Skeptics Say the 1 Percent Still Rule the Financing Game Seattle Weekly's The Daily Weekly May 22, 2012
Interviewed for Crowd funding warning from Washington and the SEC KIRO FM May 16, 2012
Facebook may be discovering that mobile users don't like ads GeekWire May 12, 2012
Reality Check: Twitter's patent pledge not what it seems GeekWire April 18, 2012
Live Chat: What Will the JOBS Act Mean for U.S. Start-Ups? Wall Street Journal April 12, 2012
Fiddling with user timelines: A wrong turn for Twitter? GeekWire March 29, 2012
The JOBS Act means different things to different people in the startup community GeekWire March 27, 2012
Crowdfunding is white-hot on Capitol Hill - will it survive the fire? Crowdsourcing.org March 19, 2012
Quoted in State regulators fight for 'crowdfunding' control Reuters March 16, 2012
Crowdfunding for the 1% Crowdsourcing.org March 13, 2012
Crowding out angels from startup financings? GeekWire March 3, 2012
Imagined Obama Address in "Thanksgiving Guest Post #2" Atlantic (James Fallows' blog) November 24, 2011
On the Scene: A Geek's Guide to the Wall Street Occupation GeekWire October 16, 2011
Guest on Episode 133: Beyonce, Bad Laws, and Breastaurants This Week in Law October 13, 2011
Quoted in Why Zillow insiders want to keep the stock above $25 per share GeekWire August 3, 2011
Quoted in mobile apps and startup costs Wall Street Journal, Small Talk Column May 16, 2011
Guest on Episode 108: The Other Pump Drops This Week in Law April 23, 2011
Fred Wilson's $5,000 Startup Lawyer Challenge GeekWire March 23, 2011
The future of privacy law in the era of Foursquare and check-ins TechFlash August 11, 2010
Rules for angel financing saved TechFlash (co-authored w/ Dan Rosen & Joe Wallin) April 22, 2010
Compromising on Private Placement Regulation Wall Street Journal (Suzanne Barlyn video interview) April 16, 2010




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