2020 Camp Schedules

This year we will celebrate the 23rd annual June intensive training camp, where the group will begin Part II of GM Feng Zhiqiang’s 38 move Sabre form. It will also be the 14th year for which Dr. Yang has offered an Instructor Certification Camp for his evidence-based introductory EBQ and EBT programs (EBTQ Essential). Dr. Yang will offer a T'ai Chi for Stress and Chronic Pain Camp following the EBQT Essential Camp.

These relaxing (yet invigorating) camps offers insight into useful nuances of Chinese philosophy, and it provides an abundance of practical self-nurturing exercise. The newly developed EBQT Camp for Sleep and Anxiety, for example, represents a thorough system for dealing with the daily stresses that life throws at us. Like others in this series, these retreats will likely leave participants refreshed and eager for the next camp.

You are most welcome to apply for any camp that you would like to attend. The camps are identified as Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced for relative comparison. Dr. Yang personally teaches all of the camps, and several teaching assistants are present to help answer any questions.

Summer Sabre Camp (Advanced)

June 14-19, 2020
Blowing Rock, NC.

Covering part II of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang's version of the Chen Style 38 Saber Form. This course is for practitioners with some prior taiji experience in any style or tradition.

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EBQT Essential (Beginner)

July 12-17, 2020, University
of Scranton, PA.

Essential practices of Dr. Yang's Evidence-Based Curriculum. The training highlights critical introductory features of Taiji, Qigong and functional meditation as a path to general well-being. Targeted benefits include improved balance, immune function, sleep, agility and reduced stress. It provides required training hours for EBQ and EBT certifications.

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Evidence-based Tai Chi and Qigong for Sleep and Continuing Chen 48 Form (Beginner / Intermediate)

July 17-22, 2020
University of Scranton, PA.

In this workshop, Dr. Yang combines instruction in Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang's Chen 48 Form with qigong, pushhands and functional meditation to lower stress and reduce pain while improving vitality, strength and agility. The Waqi approach provides insight into the body/mind fundamentals essential for health and for true energetic taiji development. Waqi is Dr. Yang's carefully distilled, evidence-based approach to traditional tai chi and qigong practice.

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