Installing VMware for Mac

NOTE: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the process of utilizing a secondary password system to provide an extra layer of security when accessing systems or services, is now required to access Vanderbilt's VM environment. Please refer to this page on MFA before proceeding with the following instructions.

VMware is required to access the various virtual machine pools available to Owen students and staff.

To begin the process, go to and click on Install VMware Horizon Client.

Click on Go to Downloads for the Mac client option.

Click Download on the following page.

Launch the installation file once the download is complete. Click on Agree on the opening screen.

Drag the VMware Horizon Client application to the Applications folder to begin the installation.

Click Continue to start remote USB and Printing services.

When prompted, enter an administrator name and password for the computer to approve the installation.

A security warning will open. Click Open Security Preferences.

Click on Allow on the following screen.

You will be prompted to enter the name of the connection server. Enter for the server and UNCHECK Always connect at launch before clicking Connect.

Enter your VUnetID and ePassword on the next screen and click Login.

The Duo Two-Factor Login window will appear. Enter the current six-digit Duo password from the Duo app on your phone or tablet in the Tokencode field and click Login. Alternately, type the word push followed the by the Login button to be prompted via notification on your phone or tablet. In this case, click Accept in the notification on your device to proceed.

You will once again be prompted for your credentials. Enter your VUnetID and ePassword on the next screen and click Login.

Click Allow when prompted to share your home folder and removable storage.

When the client window opens, you will see the Virtual Machines to which you have access.

When you are done using a Vitual Machine, click the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del at the top of the screen and choose Sign Out.

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