The Varsity Club

Welcome to The Varsity Club Loyalty Program

Coaches, as a member of The Varsity Club, you gain access to our exclusive discounted shopping site, filled with products just for coaches. All you have to do is sign up and unlock your discount!

All because we love our coaches!

Loyalty Levels

Levels are assigned to coaches associated with a school’s 2018 participation history in the following Varsity Spirit Categories:
Apparel, Camp, Competition

RookieParticipated in 1 category
VetParticipated in 2 categories
Captain - Participated in 3 categories
MVP Participated in 3 categories + championship attendance

Rookie Vet Captain MVP
30% Off Special Products - - -
40% Off Special Products - - -
50% Off Special Products - -
Exclusive MVP Pin Welcome Gift - - -
MVP Customer Service - - -
Invitations to Private Events and Experiences - - -

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