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From the desk of Ankur Shukla & Brad Stephens

Dear Online Marketer,

Did you know that over 95% of visitors to your website spend only a few seconds looking at your video
and then almost immediately scroll down?

That means, within just a few seconds, you lose the engagement & attention of 95% of your traffic.

That results in… loss of Leads... loss of SALES and more importantly LOSS OF MONEY.

When you are not actively engaging visitors on your site, you are losing money EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

That was the EXACT problem we had.

We knew we were losing money and we had to plug that hole VERY SOON.

We had 2 options…

Option 1: Either make really awesome videos that keep the attention of the visitors and keep them tuned in.


Option 2: Do something INNOVATIVE that will keep our videos IN FRONT OF THEM all the time...
even when they have scrolled down the page.


(because all Marketers NEEDED THIS – BADLY)

THAT is the day VIDENGAGE was born…


Never Lose The Attention of Any
Visitor Ever Again

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step 1

Create a Video Campaign by Adding Your Video Info.

step 2

Select Where You Want the Video to Appear.

step 3

Add a Call to Action button along with the video so visitors can take action.

step 4

Select Your Video Size and Autoplay Option.

step 5

Grab the Code VidEngage Generates and Put it on Your Site in the Place of the Main Video & BOOM, it’s Done!

This Looks VERY COOL – Are any of the bigger websites
using something like this everyday?

Sites like TED Talks, Mail Online, CBS Sports and even CNN News are using similar technology to increase video engagement on their sites.

They’ve spent thousands of dollars to build this in-house for themselves & have seen increased traffic, engagement and results from implementing this on their sites.

We tried this on our sites and found that…

Visitors Stayed 65% Longer

Videos Were Watching Up to 86% (Was 42% Earlier)

Pages with VidEngage made 6x More Sales

Opt-in Page Conversions Went Up 350%

Never Again You’ll Lose the Attention of Your Visitors
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  • No more having visitors watch just 30 seconds of your video and move on.
  • No need to make super creative and cool videos, use your existing videos and get more sales
  • Never again you will have to hire professional video producers to create engaging content – just add this and see your engagement skyrocket in minutes.
  • No more using old video technology that does nothing more than change the look and feel of video players.
  • No HUGE investments of time and money needed into creating this technology for yourself (like the big sites).
  • No life-draining tech skills required – this is very simple & easy to implement on almost any site you have.

Now you can KEEP VISITORS ENGAGED Longer Almost Instantly on Unlimited Sites…

  • Imagine being able to get more leads & make more sales from the same amount of traffic.
  • Imagine having 100% attention rate of your visitors – they will never go out of sight again.
  • Imagine being able to pitch them and sell them by always being in front of them – nothing is more powerful.
  • Now you can position the videos anywhere you want on the screen, pick from the 4 corner options we have & let them follow your visitors throughout the page.
  • Select how big or small you want the videos, make them autoplay or not - you have full control.
  • Do this for unlimited sites – unlimited videos from one central place.

Make it a MUST HAVE for anyone who has a
website…and wants more money!

Add Attention Grabbing Videos & Skyrocket Sales & Engagement

VidEngage is the only software of its kind that will let you add highly attractive and engaging video popups that stick to a corner of your page and keep your audience engaged throughout the course of your pitch.

Pick Placements from any 4 corners

Our powerful software lets you select where you want the video to appear when the user scrolls down and you can test it to see which one does better for you. You can even select how big or small you want the video to be.

Add Customized Call to Actions

One of the major reasons why VidEngage increases your sales and results is because it can add a customized call to action button that you can show above or below the video when It floats upon scrolling – you can select from 100s of Google Fonts and any color you want.

Use on Unlimited Sites

We’ll normally only have limited site options after this special launch but as of now – you can pick the option to use VidEngage on unlimited sites – we may never have this option again so if you’re thinking about this, don’t. This is a stellar deal that may never come back again.

Central Control & Dashboard

Once you generate the video code for your youtube or vimeo videos & add it to your sites, you can change the videos anytime you want, change the settings, position, call to action – almost every element from the central control dashboard and you will not have to replace any code on any of your sites. It will automatically update without requiring any manual intervention from your end.


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