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What is MIS374?

Design + Development + Project Mgmt

What is MIS 374?
MIS 374 is a required course for MIS (Management Information Systems) majors. The course teaches concepts and techniques related to the iterative software development lifecycle (SDLC) starting including planning, analysis, design, build, quality assurance, and implementation. The course also teaches topics such as client management, scope management, and risk management.

Case-Based Teaching
The first 30% of the course begins with high-level considerations of organizational issues, system development goals, project risk, and team management. Students gain an understanding of the SDLC and learn when to apply specific project management and development techniques in a the setting of an case.

Real World Experience
The last 60% of the course is a practicum project, which means the students work on a 12-week pro-bono system development project for an actual local business or non-profit. We are always looking for local non-profits and businesses in need of IT systems work!
Learn how to become a 374 client!

Solution Analysis and Scoping

Students learn how to analyze an organization and work with a client to determine requirements for the best feasible solution that adds value.

Site Development

Teams can build websites and various applications to offer strategic, managerial, and operational value to the organization.

Database Solutions

Student teams can also take on projects that involve database systems development to help better manage an organization's data.

Be an MIS 374 Client

We are now accepting project proposal submissions for the Fall 2019 semester

What is needed to be a client?

We need any “system” related project that can be ideally completed by upper level students in 11-12 weeks. Some projects can span 2-3 semesters if the scope is too large for one semester. The project must incorporate the following components: analysis/design, developing or augmenting of a working system (at least creating a prototype) ideally with a database component, system testing and validation, and finally documentation of the system solution including user & developer guides, and testing results. Projects could include standard websites, web applications with backend functionality, internal databases, simple mobile applications, etc...

What is MIS374 not about?

This class is not a strategy or marketing class. If you are looking for market research or strategic planning, this class is not ideal for you since this is not a focus of the class’ curriculum. For that sort of work we recommend you look into the MBA+ program, which pairs student groups with clients looking for this sort of service.

What are expectations of you as a client?
  • Meet at least weekly with students, preferably in person but virtual is okay at times. If you are going to have to miss a week please bring that up ahead of time. The reason this is so important is that the biggest risk to a project’s success is lack of communication, therefore we insist that meet at least weekly is key.
  • Actively communicate with students to help them understand the symptoms of your issue or need for this project. Also take ownership to give as much detail as you can so they can understand your requirements.
  • Between your weekly meeting and communication, we estimate your time commitment to be 1-2 hours a week. If the time commitment isn't feasible at this time, consider signing up for a future semester when you have more time
  • Give professors honest feedback at three milestones in the project via an online form that we'll send you. This will be about a 20-minute effort each time.
  • If you are a non-profit we prefer that you acquire your board's approval before signing up
  • Help us recruit more clients. We always are looking for organizations in need, especially non-profits with a great mission!

How to sign up to be a client?
  • NOTE: If you choose to sign up and become a client, you are committing to the expectations listed above and to act in a professional manner at all times. Professors do reserve the right to terminate the partnership if professionalism isn't maintained and expectations can't be met.
  • Click here to access signup page. You'll need to create a UTEID first (if you don't have one) before you can submit your project
  • NOTE: At the time of submission you do NOT need to be super detailed. In fact, please don't do too much upfront requirements work because root cause analysis and requirements determination is part of the class. Please just submit 2-3 sentences about your organization and a few bullets on the issue/need you have or project you are proposing.
  • After you submit your project an email alert will be sent to the professors who will eventually reach out before the semester starts

What are expectations of the students?
  • Work with the client to determine requirements, schedule, and deliverables. (This will be summarized in the Charter Report)
  • Meet weekly with the client (in person or virtually) to keep the project moving
  • To deliver documentation, training and a defect free final project by the end of the semester.
  • NOTE: Students will likely be in other classes during this project which means they will not be full-time and will have to balance project workload with other classes.

What are the expectations of the instructors?
  • Find clients that have good projects but are also passionate about being part of our students’ educational process.
  • Advise students throughout the client project process and class.
  • Attend Charter meeting to ensure students and clients are on the same page and have a good plan to achieve success.
  • Observe student/client interaction and capture feedback from client. This part accounts for 30% of the students’ client project grade.
  • Grade students on the thoroughness of their analysis (30% of project grade) and their planning (30% of the project grade)

What is the general timeline for the class?
  • Clients submit their projects on the submission site via link above by the first week class. (e.g. Last week of August in Fall or the last week of January in Spring.)
  • Students bid on the projects by selecting their top 5 project at the end of the fourth week of class. Instructors will review their bids and make the final assignments of team to client
  • The Monday after bids, the clients are invited to campus for info session and to meet their assigned student groups (generally with pizza served)
  • The "Project Charter" – about 4-5 weeks into the project – where the clients and the students sign off on requirements and project plan.
  • The "Interim Status" report – about 3-4 weeks after the charter – where the students report on the status of the project and give you draft versions of developer guide, training, and testing documentation.
  • The System & “Final Report” – The system and final draft of developer guide, training, and testing documentation is delivered in the 2nd week of May or December.

Past Projects Samples

Below are examples of past projects our students have completed with local businesses and non-profits. Click on projects to learn more.

Dell Medical School

Online Internship Application

Goodwill E-Commerce

E/M Testing Application

Little Helping Hands team

Little Helping Hands

Salesforce Automation

The House of Songs

New Website & Online Training

Woom Bikes

Manufacturer Capacity Tracker screenshot


Map of Local Art Programs

St. Elmo's Brewing Team

St. Elmo's Brewing

Inventory Management System

Changing Lenses & Lives

Marketing/Donations Website

Austin Swing Syndicate

Volunteer Management System

Other Notable Clients

AGE of Central Texas All About Design Asian American Culture Center Austin Justice Coalition Austin Swing Syndicate
ATX Public Library Foundation Austin Tejano Trails AMO Inspection Bat City Awards Bounce Marketing & Events
BRAVE Communities Caldwell Brewing CPATH Center for Child Protection College of Nature Sciences
Conspire Theatre Cookbook for the Community Custom Sounds C2B Suites Dell
Emergent Execs East 12th Merchant Assoc. Energy 95 LLC Freeze Technology Funky Chicken Coop Tour
House of Songs IBM JBernhard Designs Jester West Dorm JJ Promo
JUST Latakoo Logistics Individual Mimic Labs Mokaram Law Firm
Orange Jackets Party On Texas Patrizi's Restaurant Planting Seeds Tutoring Power For Parkinsons
Preservation Austin Primus Real Estate Texans for the Arts Texas Adoption Center Texas Cultural Trust
Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas Quick Realty The Final Acts Project Therapy Austin UT Catholic Center
UT Laser Safety Program UT Senate of College Councils Writers League of Texas Young Mens Business League

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MIS 374 Instructional Team

Dr. Caryn Conley and Clint Tuttle serve as the instructors, lead student advisors, and client liaisons in this course that has been part of the UT MIS program since 1981. Both Caryn and Clint are proud UT MIS alumni and even took this course in their undergraduate years. Both continue the MIS 374 legacy, bring their actual project experience and passion for good teaching into the course which uses experential learning to give students a real world learning experience.

Caryn Conley, PhD


Clint Tuttle


Past 374 Students

Welcome back! See Alumni FAQs below!

How can I access the 374 resource page?

The resouce page has been replace with our new Project Delivery Methodology aka the PDM. The PDM is clickable and links to readings, templates, and examples. The current version of the PDM is accessible by clicking here.

I recall your alumni spotlights in class. Can I share how I'm using MIS374 now?

Absolutely! We love that stuff. Just send an email to the professors to get back in touch. Who is teaching 374 now?.