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Our stainless steel rice serving bowl is made by Zebra-Head using the finest materials and craftsmanship. When serving rice in either of our bowls above, try using this multi-purpose utensil from Thailand.
Made in Thailand of 100% carved super hard granite, this durable high quality Asian cookware product is an important tool for Thai cooking as well as around the world.
For years we've sold the sturdy, modern, carbon-steel flat-bottom wok made in Taiwan (below) that's perfect for American kitchens, but since we started our Thai Street Vendor Video Series many customers have asked us to offer a wok identical to the sidewalk chefs. Steam cooking is clean cooking, and offers advantages to boiling and other wet-heat methods. Made in Thailand by Zojirushi, this attractive, modern rice cooker redesigned in 2015 is all you'll ever need.
We are pleased to offer this beautiful, rustic, solid brass wok which has been entirely pounded and shaped by hand. Juice and coffee vendors selling from carts in Thailand often use these large, round, hand-blown glass containers to display their fresh drinks, as shown in the picture below a coffee and tea vendor has them in front, simply covered with plates. A few months ago we got an email from a lady who recognized them in our story of the coffee and tea vendor. Handmade in Thailand of long-lasting clay, this is a traditional mortar & pestle used to make a wide range of Thai and Laotian dishes--see our recipe for som tum for a popular favorite. A traditional Thai food carrier that tightly seals individual bowls together for later serving. Here we have a much stronger, larger stacked steamer, made by Zebra Thailand of heavy duty stainless steel. A longterm investment, the price is quite high, but worth it if you are looking for a very high quality stainless steel stacked steamer. In Thailand this uniquely-shaped, hibachi-style barbeque is known as a Korean grill, and this is becoming very trendy so new improved styles are coming out such as this one we have recently imported.. Found in restaurants throughout Thailand serving whole fresh fish, this makes for a wonderful presentation. We love the very unique aroma, flavor and preparation style of good quality Vietnamese coffee.
Preparing delicious Vietnamese coffee is quick, easy and doesn't require much clean-up afterward. One of our favorite Thai appetizers is Kratong Tong, and if you haven't heard about it that's probably because Thai restaurants rarely offer it. This handmade brass mold is designed to make Kratong Tong, see more pictures in our detailed Kratong Tong Recipe for a step-by-step guide on how to use it.
For elegant presentation of Thai soup such as Tom Kha or Tom Yum, or anything you prefer, here is an excellent quality ceramic hot pot with base. The condiment caddy is found in nearly every restaurant in Thailand, and here we have for a reasonable price the finest quality set we could find. Aside from being a true authentic Thai food required accessory, it might be a fun way to present non-Thai spices, jams, bacon bits, relish, onions, ice cream toppings, candy, or anything else you can think of.
A brand new style of condiment caddy that we just imported from a specialty shop in Bangkok.

Under the lid is a set of four, high quality (relatively thick) glasses with a spoon in each glass. Comes in a full color box with suggested use as a caddy for Thai condiments or various spices, jams, etc, for use around the world.
This steel scraper with a wood handle is featured in three Thai recipe videos at ImportFood. Announcing the Style Me Pretty Wedding Registry GuideBrides and Grooms, registering has just gotten so much easier thanks to our brand new Registry Guide that's officially taken all the guesswork out of curating products you'll love. You can start using immediately, and the more the pan is used, the more durable it becomes. Filmed in Thailand, the experienced vendor demonstrates how to make authentic Roti and it's cooked on a special thick concave wok. This is not for a home kitchen, it would need to be used in a commercial kitchen or in an appropriate setup.
Our premium quality bamboo steamers control texture and color of food (especially vegetables). The brass wok is commonly used in Thai cooking, as well as western cooking, for preparation of various desserts (also used for all cooking).
She said her mother-in-law brought one home from Thailand in the 1970s, loved it, but it had broken after 30 years of use. Many Thai restaurants use this pot with a bit of sterno fuel in the bottom tray, as shown below, or use a small tea lite candle at the base to keep the soup hot. Put jasmine rice in one level and soups or curry in the others, clamp it down and run off to enjoy.
We have a great selection of top quality Thai cookbooks focusing on simple preparation of all Thai staple dishes.
The coffee filter is stainless steel and there are three parts (filter, screw-on damper, and lid). Kratong Tong is time-consuming to prepare but at the same time simple, fun, and extremely tasty. The base, as shown, has a thick clay disc that sets inside, this holds the sterno or tealight candle.
The price of Zebra cookware is usually higher than you might find from cost-cutting producers especially compared to mass-produced stuff from China. Use it to infuse fresh ground flavors of basil, sage, tarragon, garlic, pepper and much more. Please see detailed sticky rice preparation instructions for guidance on how to prepare Thai sticky rice. In order to safely get these here from Thailand we had to have them packed into a custom wood crate, and we double-box them when shipping to you via UPS, so the price is a lot higher than what you might pay in Bangkok.
Campers have reported that this is a great little pot because it allows easy heating of food at the campground. A great gift item that's also very convenient for picnics, and mentioned in Grist Magazine as wise for the environment. Place a Sterno canned heat flame below then enjoy eating the fish and soup as it stays steamy hot.

The premium quality coffee is grown and roasted in Vietnam, and ground to the appropriate coarseness, so you know you're getting the real thing.
Also stainless steel are the long spoons, perfectly shaped for scooping, and the lids that cover the glasses. The caddy is 6 inches tall, from base to the top of the handle (not too big, not too small). This is one of our more popular Thai cookware items, probably because of the attractive appearance, and it would be something difficult to find in any store outside of Thailand. It can withstand the high temperatures necessary for stir-fry cooking yet does not peel or crack. Brass doesn't react with acids in fruit or taint fresh coconut cream; it also heats evenly, so syrups and candies can be prepared without scorching.
Made in Thailand of 100% stainless steel by Zebra Thailand which has ISO2002 certification. The next two layers are similar to racks, as they have holes for letting steam pass through (see picture below). It's relatively light-weight, so it's prone to small dents if not handled with care, but we've had one for years with only minor wear showing on the lid. Also used by chefs to scrape the sides of their mortar and pestle as they pound with pestle in the other hand.
Here is our daughter Claire showing off two quarts of fresh Lime Aid she made on a sunny day, in the juice cart container that we now have available for you. Each piece will arrive in perfect condition as we place a great importance on packing methods.
The top piece is a domed lid which is designed to prevent water from dripping on the food, and it accomodates larger food on the top layer.
Add 2-3 teaspoons of coffee to the filter, then screw on the damper so it's snug (not tight). There is one cup on each mold (not four as shown here), and the cup is shaped by hand in a similar but unique pattern. The bowl has nice flared handles for ease of carry, and the wide, stable base has an attractive ridge pattern. This large spoon will be one of the most commonly used things in your kitchen, and we are pleased to offer it for a great price. Just put a few cups of water in the wok and place bamboo steamer on it, and heat to a boil. The pestle is made of beechwood (as any other material would break the mortar) and is 11 in.
It looks like it belongs next to the best All Clad or Viking cookware that costs over $100 per piece.

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