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Chef’s note: Hamburger patties cook relatively fast so you should have your burger mise en place ready before the meat hits the heat.
Pan-frying is a great method for cooking burgers using minimal time while achieving maximum flavor.
No special equipment is needed, just a shallow fry pan or skillet, large enough to hold all of your patties without crowding and a wide spatula for gentle turning.
Start by turning on your exhaust fan then preheat a dry pan over maximum flame until just smoking.
The smashed burger technique was pioneered in the high-volume greasy-spoons and hamburger stands of the 1920s and 30s. To make classic smashed burgers at home, you need a cast-iron or other heavy-duty griddle or an extra-large skillet and a stiff spatula, preferable with a solid surface, not slatted. Steamed hamburgers are a Northeast regional specialty, served up in luncheonettes and slider shacks since the 1940s. All you need to make soft, steamed burgers or sliders at home is a cast-iron griddle or wide, shallow skillet and a spatula. Besides the grill itself, you’ll need charcoal (we recommend natural lump charcoal), vegetable oil for oiling the grate and a metal spatula. Morels, porcini, fiddlehead ferns, #ramps chanterelles & more are readily available to #chef clients. We are on a mission to educate consumers about the importance of understanding and appreciating how food is raised and harvested. We are gastronomic adventurers who think that good food is paramount to the enjoyment of life. We are dedicated to quality in all we do, from our careful sourcing in the field to our kitchen production, to provide you the very best products money can buy. Pan frying a steak is one of those cooking skills that seems so simple to do, and yet can be so difficult to get right. Now that your steak is seasoned and your cooking equipment is all ready, here is how you pan fry steak. If you have herbs and spices that you think will burn, play it safe and sear the steak over medium high heat.
Searing the meat and forming a brown crust is called the Maillard reaction, (caramelised) and it means flavour.
If you have a particularly thick cut of steak, instead of finishing it off in the pan, you can put it in an oven preheated to 200C.
About Australian FlavoursAustralian Flavours is an attempt to save people from eating bland food, through providing delicious recipes, teaching cooking techniques, and educating the public on the availability of high quality produce.

Although we understand that your food budget can be an issue, we aim to motivate people to choose "flavour" first, even if for just a couple of select meals per week. How do you season and clean your brand new carbon steel (black steel) or cast iron fry pan or wok? If you are planning to take your pan camping, you will want to do the initial seasoning at home first. You may also top up the seasoning of the inside of the pan or wok by applying vegetable oil and then heating it up to smoking point over a hot plate. Whatever you do, do not place the cast iron or carbon steel pan or wok in the dishwasher — you will destroy the patina and need to start the seasoning process all over again! This entry was posted in House & family and tagged Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Cleaning, Cooking, Cookware, Fry Pan, Frypan, How To, Seasoning, Wok on 7 April 2012 by Rex.
According to Eric Schlosser’s book, Fast Food Nation, American’s eat about 13 billion hamburgers per year while spending over 130 billion dollars on fast food. A super hot, dry skillet allows the burger to quickly develop a flavorful outer crust without overcooking the interior, keeping the center juicy. Without having to hand-form patties, smashed burgers saved prep time as several golf-ball sized hunks of ground meat could be thrown onto a flattop griddle at once. The patties are essentially steamed over a bed of onions on a griddle or cooked vertically in an old-fashioned steamer box. Place balls of seasoned ground meat onto the griddle and flatten into a patty with your spatula.
The intense, direct heat gives the meat a flavorful crust on the outside while sealing in juices.
When forming your patties for broiling (or grilling) it’s important to make a dimple or imprint in the center. You can’t do that with a non-stick or stainless steel pan, because it can damage it or release chemicals. If you’re using a non stick pan or have decided not to oil the steak, you need to add a bit of oil to coat the bottom, preferably an oil with a high smoke point. Let one side sear completely, then flip the steak over and cook it until the other side is seared. It’ll heat more gently than on the stove, and that allows the inside to cook without scorching the outside.
Once you have achieved the rich, black patina initially, you will only need to go through one cycle every so often to keep it there.
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While we don’t think the burger craze is going away anytime soon, you can take the “junk” out of your food by making more of those burgers at home. Flattening a ball of ground beef on sizzling griddle resulted in a fully caramelized crust over the entire surface area.
Gently form golf-ball sized hunks of ground beef being careful not to handle it too much then season with coarse salt. When exposed to direct heat not only from below or above but also on its sides, the edges of the patty shrink, cinching the burger and compressing its interior up and out. A good way gauge if your grill is ready (once your flame has died down and coals have ashed) is to hold your palm about 6 inches above the cooking grate – if you can stand it for no more than 2 seconds, it’s high heat. Always start with fresh, top-quality, natural ingredients, like our Kobe-Style Wagyu Ground Beef then choose from one of our five favorite cooking methods below, for perfect burgers every time. When forming your patties for the grill, be sure to employ the dimple technique described above. Cook for one minute, then turn the balls over and smash down firmly and evenly with your spatula to create very thin patties.
After your desired temperature is achieved, gingerly remove the patty and allow it to rest for 5 minutes, right on the bottom bun. Cook for another minute then flip again, top with cheese if you like and cook for about another minute before sliding onto buns. In the oven, the tops of patties should be positioned 3 to 4 inches below the heating elements or flame. The moisture will redistribute evenly throughout the burger and if you do lose any juice, the bun will soak it up. Broil for 3 minutes until the top is well browned then flip patties and continue to broil until your burgers reach desired temperature. When the burger is done the whole stack is lifted from the griddle and the bottom half of the bun is placed on the bottom of the patty. The result is a burger that despite being completely cooked through is soft, moist and fragrant with onion, on a pillow soft bun. Flip once during cooking and cook to desired doneness – think 2 to 4 minutes per side for medium-rare.

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