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I am a big fan of using my crock pot and I always use the same easy pot roast crock pot recipe because it is easy and delicious!  It’s also a pretty inexpensive meal if you get your meat on sale.  I got my roast for under $11 and will use it for 2 meals.  I think that is a pretty good deal for a family of 4!
I have another crock pot roast recipe here, which uses different vegetables and a chimichurri gravy.
It is the middle of December and here in Utah where we live it is normally very cold and snowy.
We hope you enjoy this Pot Roast dinner that is great to make in the morning and it will be ready for dinner time! August 29, 2015 By Christina Gammon 2 Comments Last UpdatedTuesday, September 8, 2015Who doesn’t love spaghetti!?! Spaghetti Sauce made in the slow cooker (crock pot) that can be made and frozen ahead of time.
To make this easy pot roast crock pot recipe Paleo, just use turnips instead of white potatoes and tapioca or arrowroot starch for the gravy.
I don’t know about you guys and depending where you live, it doesn’t really feel like the holiday season until there is snow every where!
As a mother of three daughters, I just had to comment and say that your little girl is an absolute doll.
It’s the American food of choice and having this easy crockpot spaghetti sauce on hand in the freezer makes our fa[mily happy! Meanwhile, add the rest of the ingredients to gallon freezer bag (or crockpot if cooking immediately). Not only do I believe that reviews are crucial to consumers who want to make the best choices, but I also know that great products speak for themselves. Well it has only snowed twice this year and the amount of snow was very small compared to a normal Utah snow. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good product, and in fact some expensive choices are overpriced. I mean it hasn’t snowed enough to send the kiddos out to build a snowman (which they have been wanting to build Olaf) or throw snowballs and just play in the snow! Whatever you are thinking about buying, it is highly recommended to read reviews before parting with your money, to ensure you know the pros and cons of the product in question, and to discover whether or not it is good value for money and whether you will be pleased with it. Crock Pot Cookbooks are loaded down with lots of fast easy recipes that you can prepare in a Crock pot slow cooker.
Cooking with a Crock pot has always been my favorite way of cooking simply add your ingredients and set it to cooking before you leave for work in the morning and have a hot healthy dinner waiting when you return home from a long days work. Best Crock Pot Cookbooks will keep you full of great ideas for dinner that you wont ever want to cook any other way. Crock pot Cookbooks are a Healthy easy way to feed the Family get you a Crock pot cookbook today.What to Make in a Slow CookerThis handy machine will cook more than simply soups and stews. This useful gadget is sure to delight all your senses when you smell the delicious aromas coming from it and then taste the fantastic meals it can produce.

If you need some slow cooking inspiration then take a look at some of the best crock pot cookbooks and find out what you can make for your family today.A crock pot is a lifesaver sometimes when you know you are not going to have time to make dinner. This can happen if you are going to get home late and you just want to be greeted with a wonderful smell and a meal which is all ready to be dished up. There are meal options for every palate and occasion, and plenty of things you can make which the kids will love as well as the grownups. Featuring a nice mix of classic and modern recipes, broken down into well-organized chapters, this cookbook has 2 chapters of vegetarian dishes too, so you will find something for everyone. Many of the dishes are low in fat and calories so, although this is not marketed as a diet book, you will be pleased to find so many healthy meal ideas. As well as the recipes there is information about slow cookers in general and various tips to ensure your slow-cooked meals come out well. Are you interested in making soups and stews, or would you prefer to learn a few appetizers or even breads and desserts in there? Do you want to learn a range of different recipes you can prepare in your slow cooker, perhaps with some international dishes thrown in to offer plenty of variety? You will certainly be able to find just what you need, and hopefully want to refer to it many times.Some of these cookbooks are specifically geared towards the beginner.
If you have recently invested in a slow cooker, you might not know where to start, in which case get yourself a cookbook for beginners, and you can experiment with a few basic dishes and then try out some more complex ones as you get used to this type of cooking. If you are a seasoned crock pot user, you should already know a number of easy recipes and you might like to learn some new ones, perhaps using ingredients you have not used in the crockpot before. A lot of crockpot users like to swap recipes with friends or family members using this cooking method, and that is always worth doing too, to see which new recipes you can discover.Slow cookers are capable of making all kinds of wonderful dishes, ranging from appetizers to desserts, and everything in between. Because you can make so many different things in there, the slow cooker can rightfully be named one of the most versatile cooking methods.
There is nothing to say you cannot have more than one cookbook either, so if you want to build up to a whole collection, why not?Fresh Slow Cooking IdeasA lot of people collect a few crock pot recipes and then add them to their regular meal rotation, without learning any new ones. You might like to investigate some delicious international recipes or try your hand at making breads if you usually just make stews, or desserts if you usually only make soup. Perhaps you want new ideas for a small crockpot, or you have purchased an oval one to replace your round one and you want to know how to roast a chicken. This is 3 books in one, so you have a lot to choose from, including simple family dinners, BBQ recipes, desserts, hearty dinners, soups, stuffed chicken breasts, stews, and so much more.
You can see mouthwatering photos of the dishes as well as easy-to-follow recipes and directions. This cookbook makes crockpot cooking even simpler and if you have something on hand to use up, perhaps some chicken or pork, then just look it up in the back of the book and find dishes featuring your chosen ingredient. There are plenty of mouthwatering dishes including stews and soups, as well as main courses and appetizers. Browse through all the delicious recipes and you are sure to find something to make your mouth water.

Most of the recipes have accompanying photos to show you what the dishes are supposed to look like, and there are dessert and beverage recipes as well.
There is something for absolutely every occasion, and these recipes require simple ingredients and simple preparations. With a lot of them, it is simply a case of adding the right ingredients to your crockpot and switching it on. This is sure to become your go-to cookbook whenever you need inspiration or want to make something brand new.
Reviewers like how the healthier, lighter options have a mark in the corner of the recipe, so you can pick out healthy meals if you prefer. The book is well put together, with each recipe having its own page and most of them also featuring a picture of the finished dish. The introduction to each recipe is not something every cookbook for the crock pot features, but it is very handy, in that the authors explain why the chose the ingredients they did and why the dish works so well. After all, if you are going to the trouble of browning your meat first, does that just make crockpot cooking more time consuming?
Browning is not absolutely essential for great results, you might be pleased to know, although if you do sear it in oil first the meat will develop a more complex flavor.
If you do not do this, all that excess fat will leach out of the meat and make the finished dish too greasy.Remember that slow cookers are completely sealed when you put the lid on, so there is nowhere for the juices to go. When adapting recipes designed for the oven or stovetop to work in the crockpot, you will not need to add so much liquid to the mixture. Use whole spices like cinnamon sticks, peppercorns or bay leaves sparingly when slow cooking, because they can give the finished dish a very intense flavor, perhaps too intense. Use fresh or dried herbs and ground spices if you wish, but add these near the end of the cooking time, else their flavor will diminish too much.The crockpot is a great little machine, not just for making meals which slowly cook throughout the day, but you also have the versatility of cutting the cooking time, if that is more convenient, by switching the low setting up to high. An 8 hour dish on low may be cooked in 4 hours on high, or 6 hours on medium if your crockpot has a medium setting. This is very handy if you are not quite sure what time you are going to be home and you want your meal to be fresh and perfectly done, and not overcooked.Fabulous Slow Cooked MeatBeef and pork are staples in many homes where there is a crockpot in regular use, for the reason they cook so well.
You can use the very cheapest cuts and bring out not only the rich flavors but also optimum tenderness. Try the chicken with peppers and mushrooms, chocolate truffle cake or osso buco with red wine. Most of the recipes are designed with the benefits of slow cooking in mind, combining ingredients which come out best when cooked at a low temperature for many hours. If you have a crockpot and an interest in Italian cuisine, this cookbook is sure to open your eyes to some brand new ways of making the most delicious dishes Italy has to offer.

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