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Available in 14 and 16-piece sets, the T-fal Initiatives ceramic cookware has a heavy aluminum construction with a white ceramic interior.
With its five layers of clad-aluminum construction and patented ceramic titanium coating, the Scanpan CTX provides even heat distribution and requires minimal cleanup. The aluminum base of the WearEver Pure Living cookware retains heat for even cooking, and the nonstick ceramic coating prevents scratching. The SilverStone Ceramic CXi cookware features Cushion Smart Technology; a textured surface for releasing sticky and delicate foods from the pans. The Wearever pan is roughly comparable to the Bialetti Aeternum, both of which feature a bright white cooking surface. The downside to the textured bottom is that if you get it dirty, it can be harder to clean.
The manufacturer does claim that Wearever ceramic cookware is dishwasher safe, but we recommend always washing by hand. We also recommend cooking on low to medium heat.
Ever since he discovered that you are what you eat, Ayal has been cooking without added fat. I contacted the WearEver company and the representative I spoke with said that the Pure Living nonstick ceramic fry pans are oven safe up to 350 Fahrenheit. Instead of a chemical based coating, the nonstick surface on Ozeri cookware is made of “Greblon”, a ceramic coating.
There are very few kitchen gadgets I use on a daily basis, but there’s one item I use every single day. I’ve made a lot of variations of vegan tofu scrambles in my time, but this one is hands down my favorite. I like cooking with nonstick cookware because I can cook without any added oil.  Not only does oil-free cooking have numerous health benefits, but there is the additional bonus of not having to clean splattered grease from stoves and countertops. When I used to cook with oil, in addition to the everyday cleaning, I remember having to occasionally scour the tops of our kitchen cabinets. I have been cooking oil-free with nonstick cookware for about two years and I have found that I don’t have to clean like that anymore, EVER! The skillet we have been using since we started cooking oil-free is the Swiss Diamond frying pan. It can be purchased with or without a lid.
Swiss Diamond pans are more expensive than some other options, but the pan has held up very nicely. We mostly use a bamboo cooking utensil and occasionally a plastic one.  We are careful not to cook at high temperatures. Even though it does have some minor scratches from accidental metal use (never bring it to family functions!), it still remains 100% nonstick.

If you have had any of your own experiences with the Swiss Diamond frying pan, please share here! This ceramic interior prevents staining, offers scratch resistance, and creates a nonstick surface for easy cleanup.
This cookware includes glass lids and soft silicone handles with an ergonomic design for superior grip. Henckels Spirit cookware features a fully clad, three-ply construction with an aluminum core for quick, even heating. The shatter-resistant glass lids lock in heat and moisture, while the aluminum construction provides fast, even heating during cooking.
If you have any questions before making a purchase, contact sellers directly for more information.
It’s small enough to handle easily, but large enough to cook a hardy meal for one or two with plenty of leftovers.
The edges of the rivets collect what you’re cooking, and are actually the hardest part of cleaning the pan.
The top half and the bottom half of the handle are two separate pieces of silicone which are bonded together.
Some ceramic pans, such as the Bialetti, have a coated bottom (check out Maria’s review of the Bialetti here). This isn’t a big deal for most people, since wear on the bottom is inevitable for any pan. With a little soap the soft side of a sponge completely cleans the pan in seconds, leaving the pan looking like new. Since scrambles and other fried dishes are his favorite, nonstick cookware is his new best friend. So, it’s pretty impressive when Bialetti says that Aeternum nonstick cookware is the number one choice in Italy! I would find them covered in a layer of sticky residue which had built up from all the frying, sauteing and grilling.
Not only that, my partner has lost a considerable about of weight from reducing his oil intake. We didn’t see the lid option when we purchased ours, so we got the 10″ pan with no lid. I think the fact that we don’t use any added oil also helps it to keep its nonstick coating.
If you’d like to avoid PTFE altogether, perhaps you want to explore ceramic nonstick coating such as the Ozeri Green Earth frying pan.

The cooking surface allows heating on the stovetop up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Scanpan cookware is oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher-safe.The Scanpan CTX pans are available for individual sale, as well as in five and 10-piece sets. With the exception of induction stoves, the Pure Living cookware is safe for all cooking surfaces. It’s not my favorite design, but a lot of other more expensive brands like Calphalon and Cuisinart are constructed the same way.
This results in a seam running horizontally through the middle of it (as you can see in the picture above). In general an uncoated surface transfers heat more quickly and efficiently than a coated surface.
We take good care of it, which is a must with any nonstick cookware that you’d like to keep around for a while. Additionally, the pans and glass lids are dishwasher-safe.Both the 14 and 16-piece sets contain one 5-quart covered Dutch oven, one 2-quart covered saucepan, one 1-quart covered saucepan, one 11-inch covered fry pan, and one 8-inch fry pan. The five-piece set includes one 9.25-inch fry pan, one 3-quart covered saucepan, and one 10-inch covered saute pan. It allows heating up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit on a cooktop and 350 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven, due to the nature of the rubber handles. This cookware allows heating up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven or under a broiler, and is dishwasher-safe.
The particles had floated up and collected into a sticky mess. It took a lot of elbow grease to remove a single layer of cooking grease (sort of like what it takes to remove it from our veins!). We have the 10 inch pan which is fine for me, someone of average strength, even when it is full.
However, the 14-piece set includes an Egg Wonder fry pan and four nylon kitchen tools, while the 16-piece set contains one 10-inch square griddle pan and six kitchen tools.
It has a couple of minor aesthetic issues (mentioned below), but it boasts a price tag that can’t be beat. The midsize, seven-piece set contains one 10-inch fry pan, one 2-quart covered saucepan, one 3-quart covered saute pan, and one 6-quart covered Dutch oven. In addition to the sets, individual pieces, like a ceramic stockpot, are available for purchase.

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