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Nutri-Stahl Cookware has been manufacturing finest quality stainless steel cookware from its factory in Parow, Cape Town since 1977. Our extensive range comprises 16cm, 20cm, 26cm and 30cm diameter units of varying depths - the smallest being a 16cm 1 litre pot and the largest, a 30cm with a 12 litre capacity.
We have expanded into the electrical appliance market with the production of a superior quality 30 cm electric roaster, 12 litre electric cooker and 12 litre electric urn. SERVICE - Offices nationwide to serve your needs and can be repolished (at a nominal price).
Waterless cookware has been around since the 1950’s but not everyone has heard about this unique product. Vapo-Seal waterless cookware sets comes with a cookbook and instructions on how to cook water-less and greaseless and a bottle of stainless steel cleaner. A complete set of Vapo-Seal is priced under $400 compared with up to $2,500 for a demonstrated waterless cookware set.

With its superior mirror finish, every unit undergoes quality control tests of the highest standard to ensure that they qualify for our lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship.
We have more recently focused on the outdoor market with the development of our energy-saving Magicooka. The quality and performance of the Vapo-Seal surgical steel cookware is also comparable to All-Clad and other top of the line stainless steel brands but with added features and a lower price. This makes Vapo-Seal an affordable choice with all the value and features of the higher priced brands.
Our goal with this blog is to provide you with the latest cookware news and reviews on cookware sets, individual cookware and kitchen accessories. Waterless and greaseless cooking is a much healthier cooking method than traditional cooking. Sandwiched between the stainless steel is aluminum and carbon steel which allows for fast even heat conduction that won’t burn easily.

Serve up tasty vegetables cooked with the minimum of moisture so that you retain all the flavor and goodness. The T304 surgical steel cooking surface is non porous and resist corrosion and does not stick as easily as other types of stainless steel. This feature allows you to cook with little to no water or grease and at a lower temperature setting.

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