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Buy making this offer you agree to purchase the item at this price however offers are not final until we approve them. Made by the Edlund Company in the USA, this vintage kitchen gadget measures 12" in length and features a beautifully aged design. This piece comes in good condition for its age - the faded finish and surface rust are a testament to its unique vintage quality.
The red wood handles contrast against the silver stainless steel and add a vintage feel that makes this mixer so lovable.

Treat your kitchen to a decorative accent that will never fail to exude old-fashioned charm! This piece can definitely bring up memories of being in your parents or grandparents kitchen.
We are so used to our electronic mixers and gadgets that we take for granted how nice it was for them just to have one of these. If you are looking for a piece that is nostalgic and looks great in a vintage decor scheme then look no further.

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