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Clay cookware or earthenware, as it is also sometimes called, has very little popularity in North America compared to countries like China, Philippines or Morocco where clay pot cooking is the order of business for every day.
As mentioned above, people who have discovered clay cookware so far have done it as an alternative to metal pots and utensils, due to the increasing concern that the latter give off toxins when heated and cooked in.
Preparing meals in clay cookware may only take 5-10 minutes more than it would in a metal pot, but cooking this way ensures your food is not lacking in any of its nutritive value and also that it’s not contaminated with toxins, metals and chemicals from the pot.
About Us Hilton residents, Brian and Christine Barker joined the Argilla team in August 2011.  They are proud to be the marketing agents for Argilla Pottery, a unique range of cookware founded and manufactured in Pretoria. We are now the only agents based in the Midlands for Argilla Pottery and have had great fun doing cooking demos using the range. There's nothing complicated about cooking in clay, however there are a few things to know and keep in mind before using a clay pot for the first time. Please watch the following video or read the instructions and guidelines before using your new cookware for the first time. Microwave Safe: It is microwave safe, but use on lower settings as it can develop hot spots on high settings which can crack the clay. Dishwasher Safe: It is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to give you and your earthenware the best care.
Avoiding Extreme Temperature Changes: Earthenware does not like extreme temperature changes. Please keep in mind when cooking in clay, the cookware does not like quick, extreme temperature changes. With a metal pan, you start the heat high to get up to temperature quickly, then turn the heat down to where you want it. Mica Clay Cookware is hand-built using the ancient Jicarilla Apache Coil and Scrape method. We have new work by master potter Felipe Ortega, plus Lorenzo Mendez, Yolanda Rawlings, Marc Millovich, Brendan O'brien and Lee Onstott all have been hard at work to fill our cupboards with beautiful Mica Pottery. As a fan of quick recipes, multitasker and woman on the go, I was excited when Reco’s offered to send me one of their Romertopf Clay cookware to test out and review.
Manufactured using special porous unglazed clay, Reco’s earthen cookware is designed to be soaked in water before use. Following the instructions (something that is crucial for your clay pot to work) I got started.I soaked the pot for about 20 minutes while I washed and seasoned the hen.

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This has nothing to do with the benefits and potential of these pots, but rather with them not yet being properly promoted through the Northern continent. Therefore, the pots and pans that are made from 100% pure clay are an All-Natural & safe environment for food and cooking, resulting in the healthiest dishes you could ever offer your kids and family. Cookware that will be used over a direct heat source on the stovetop needs to be seasoned before its first use. Remove and dry it, and then rub the entire surface with a clove of cut garlic and coat any unglazed surface (normally only the bottom of the pot) with olive oil. Being that clay is a porous material, it may absorb dishwashing detergent which can then leach back into food that comes in contact with it.
For example, do not take a cold pot from the refrigerator and place it directly on the stovetop or in an extremely hot oven; it may crack.
This is important to remember when you are beginning the cooking process in a clay pot, especially if your pot is new.
With a clay pot, you start the heat LOW, then gradually increase the temperature over the course of 5 minutes or so to where you want it. New Mexico clay with naturally-occurring mica are the only components that make up this unique cookware. During the cooking process this water escapes the clay and penetrates the food both tenderizing and adding flavor without the need for additional liquids, cooking naturally in its own juices.
While the recipes sound and look delicious, the suggested dishes are not something one would cook very regularly. I then put it in the clay pot and placed it in a cold oven (it’s important not to pre-heat the oven) and started it off at 200° degrees for about 40 minutes, before raising it to 250° degrees.
It was not very easy removing the lid since the pot was extremely hot and with oven gloves you can’t really get a good grip on the handle.
Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of my experience to see if this is the right product for you. However, more and more home cooks and especially mothers concerned with the health attributes of the food they put on the table, or anything that might affect that, have discovered the unique benefits of cooking in clay.

In a market where everything that is labeled as healthy comes with question marks, there’s much to be said about cookware that guarantees you a healthy meal. Secondly, although clay pots and pans are ideal for stews and casseroles, there are so many dishes that you can use them for, such as rice dishes, braise meats, breads and even make excellent homemade yogurt. When cared for properly, a good clay pot will last a lifetime and give you many memorable meals. When you start your cooking with clay pot, the process is opposite of what you would normally do with a metal pan. The highest temperature you should take your pot on a gas stove without a heat diffuser is medium low. Such as: Pot Roast with Cider, Shoulder of Lamb with French Beans, Lamb Stew, Stuffed Duck, to name a few.
I also noticed that the hen was nowhere near done, so I raised the temperature to 350° and checked back a couple of times.
This is because these pots manage steam levels very well, and also with pots made from pure & primary clay, the heat from the walls of the pots cooks your food without damaging the nutritive cells, which means all nutrients and vitamins of the food are retained. It will also make the pot more durable so it can provide you with many years of fantastic cooking. It is not necessary to use detergent and if you do, we recommend a natural, vegetable-based surfactant cleanser. With a diffuser, there is a bit more leeway, but you should never take your pot much above medium heat even with a diffuser.
So upon checking out the recipe book, I figured this product is not for people who are looking for a simple recipe. It is not necessary to do this with bakeware that is only intended for oven use, as these items are not exposed to direct intense heat from a flame or a heat diffuser.
If you have a La Chamba pot from Colombia, we recommend you use the second method in the oven.

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