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While we’re on the subject of homemade kids’ toys, I had to share The Cutest Play Kitchen in the History of Play Kitchens that my sister’s husband put together as a Christmas gift for their 15-month-old son, Stephen. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love a good play kitchen, but it’s just as rare to find one that isn’t plastic, garish, or outrageously expensive — sometimes all three at once. On the oven side, Joe attached four pieces of wood to the interior walls to serve as the oven rack holders; the rack itself is just a ?-inch piece of hardwood plywood, cut to rest on top of the braces.
Next, he cut a ?-inch piece of plywood to the width of the shelf (and roughly double the height) to serve as the back to the entire unit. One final piece of ?-inch hardwood plywood was cut to fit the front of the shelf for the doors, then cut again down the middle. With the major components assembled, all that was left to do was add a few pieces of hardware (mostly from Ikea) to finish it off: a metal dog bowl for the sink, cabinet handles for the oven and fridge door, a double towel bar and S hooks for the pot rack, some black coasters for burners, and a few leftover cabinet knobs for the range controls.
Accessories include cups, dishes, silverware, pots, pans, cooking utensils, a pitcher, a cell phone and a colorful label sheet. December 11, 2012If Levi’s toy preferences as a toddler are any indication of his future hobbies, he may just grow up to become quite the chef. If you would like to share an idea, comment, or modern baby design of your own, I would love to hear from you!
Whether you are new to the baby scene or are a seasoned veteran, I hope everyone can enjoy the modern baby and toddler gear that's highlighted on the Born Modern blog. They started with this Rast nightstand for the base, which they already happened to have on hand (but at just $15, it would be easy enough to pick one up), then Joe used a jig saw to cut a round hole in the top for the sink.

The fridge door was attached with hinges on the side, while the oven door was hinged at the bottom. Once everything dried, he re-hung the doors, putting in magnetic latches to hold them shut, and screwed the base onto the back. Add in some pots, pans, utensils, and play food (also from Ikea), plus some wooden condiment bottles and sliceable food from Melissa and Doug, and Stephen’s kitchen is now fully stocked. I'm a writer, life coach, and adoptive homeschooling mama of twins, trying to live well in a fast-paced world.
When I curl up on the couch while the kids are napping, am I procrastinating or am I catching up on much-needed sleep? I've been looking everywhere for kids kitchen sets because my son Jack is always wanting to help in the kitchen. As tiny as precious babies may be, it's amazing to see how many strollers, high chairs, diaper bags, and baby toys are used when raising a child. And the fact that they already had most of the necessary materials on hand (heck, even if they hadn’t) made it far less expensive than even the most simple play models out there.
When we visited family friends over Thanksgiving, Levi made a beeline for the Educo kitchen play set in their den, and he always enjoys the pretend grocery and kitchen exhibits at the Omaha Children’s Museum. My guy LOVES playing with toy food (and helping me in the kitchen), and has pretend picnics.

Before her parents brought the kitchen set into the scene, Maddie created what looked like a toy battlefield throughout the entire house: dolls were left lying on the floor, stickers decorated every piece of furniture in the room, and crayons could be found in every nook and cranny. Over the past few years, the surge in getting the cutest and most unique modern baby furniture and products has skyrocketed and that's where Born Modern comes into play. And thanks for sharing the project since play kitchens *are* so expensive — or plastic. Join me in my exploration to find the perfect modern baby accessories that will make every parent's lives a little easier and your children's a little happier. The dolls, stickers, and crayons were just replaced with wood fruit baskets and shiny pots and pans!I spotted some adorably modern play kitchens perfect for toddlers 3 and up at Pottery Barn Kids. They can pick out the groceries with the play shopping cart and countertop checkout lane and then cook their favorite foods on the luxury stove or kitchen island.

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