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The 550 is sized for those who enjoy the luxury of cooking, but need only small water volumes. Note: Due to the thin grade of titanium used in the manufacture of this item, slight imperfections may exist in how the lid sits atop the pot. A pan with a special film treatment which makes it difficult to burn, and with great thermal conductivity. Moreover, as our original film surface treatment is painted on, there is no fear of it peeling nor melting at high temperatures while cooking. Titanium is very thermal effecient, hence this titanium Gold Pan requires no preheating, as it quickly transfors heat from the heat source to the cooking ingredient, reducing the cooking time. The main difference between many homecooked meals and a professional chef's meal is because of the utilized heating power.

The Gold Pan has a shiny gold color surface, and when the surface is exposed to light, the pan produces an photocatalytic antibacterial effect, which keeps the pan hygienic. This Gold Pan will not rust in salt-water as it is highly rust-resistant, and due to titaniums flexibility, it will not break even when accidentally dropped. With a filled-to-the-brim volume of 550 ml (19.4 oz), the 550 is a good solution for boil-in-a-bag meals, hot cereals, soups, and hot drinks for the solo traveler. Professional cooks even recommend this pan, and as it is lightweight, it's even perfect for use at home.
Hence, you can cook with a safe conscience, as there are no negative effects to your health.
With a themal effecient titanium Gold Pan, the heating-up period is must quicker, so it is possible to cook fresh and crispy vegetables, trapping the flavour before it goes limp and soft.

The 550 has a folding handle system to provide a sturdy grip on the pot and to keep users' hands away from the heated pot. While cooking, water and oil used in the pan quickly creates a layer on the surface of the Gold Pan, which helps prevents sticking.
If you're looking for an even more minimal system, check out Backpacking Light's Firelite 550-SUL cookpot, which is the same size, but without handles.

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