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Arhaus’ largest store in North America to-date has just opened its doors to Dallas in NorthPark Center.  This is Texas’ 4th location of the store—and the metroplex’s first—and features one-of-a-kind merchandise curated over the last two years by Arhaus Chief Creative Officer Gary Babcock.
You were probably headed to NorthPark this Saturday anyway, so be sure to swing by Michael Korsa€™ Jet Set Saturday event happening tomorrow!A  Spruce up your normal shopping routine with an in-store DJ, enter for a chance to win a $500 gift carda€”ka ching!a€”and enjoy free treats and a free gift with any purchase.A  Be sure to stick around until 6pm, when the gift card winner will be announced! The former Ralph Lauren space in West Village has opened as a womenswear-only location of Club Monaco, and it’s ah-may-zing. Chef Philippe began his journey with Maggiano's in January of 2010 at our Austin, Texas location, and became an Executive Chef at our San Jose location in September 2013.
Chef Philippe decribes his most memorable experience at Maggiano's as "when we opened the Austin location and saw the massive support from other chefs from all over the nation. Matt is a native of Indianapolis, IN and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Chef Manny is a pretty long way from his hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico, but he enjoys working with people of different backgrounds, and the diversity of the people he works with and cooks for at Maggiano's.
Chef Arturo started working with Maggiano's in 1994 and rose to the challenge of serving as Executive Chef for our Vernon Hills location when it opened in 2014. Chef Donald became interested in being a chef when he used to watch old cooking shows on public television, including Great Chefs, Julia Child, Yan Can Cook, Lidia's Italian Table, Frugal Gourmet--shows that were around well before The Food Network.
Delfino Netto has been with Maggiano’s since 2001 and is from Cascavel, Parana, located in Brazil.
Ryan was born in Texas and raised in Chicago where he attended the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago.
Chef Gary started as a Sous Chef in Troy, MI in 2004 and was later promoted to Executive Sous Chef and Executive Chef at our Nashville location.
Chef Izzy's love for cooking and supporting others is what inspired him to become a chef. Anthony was born in Chicago, IL, and possesses quite a diverse background, with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology from Triton College.
Chef Jim is from South Philadelphia where he began his career in the restaurant industry as a bus boy while attending art school. Chef Marcelo is a long way from his hometown in Ipatinga, Brazil, but Maggiano’s is lucky to have him! Eric is from Buffalo, New York and is a classically trained saucier, who also attended the Art Institute of Colorado to formalize his training, and has been with Maggiano’s since 2000. Chef Anastacio started his journey with Maggiano's in May of 2013 as the Executive Chef at our South Coast Plaza location. Chef Karl has been with Maggiano’s since 1995 and has helped open four of our restaurants. Chef Courtland is from Jacksonville, Florida, and has been working for Maggiano’s since 2011. Chef Scott started out as a bus boy and became so infatuated with the business and the workings of the kitchen, that he had to get on the line.
Luca Bettini became interested in being a chef by working with his father and grandfather as a cook when he was nine years old. The 24,000 square foot store is located between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom on the upper level and features handcrafted furniture and accessories, antiques from Indonesia and Paris and other exclusive collections handmade by artisans all over the world.  Shop Arhaus in NorthPark now through December 15, and 5% of every sale will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. You can't help but smile when you walk in the door and see the boho-chic clothing, cowboy boots and reworked vintage housewares and jewelry.
In addition to stocking the sleek, well-cut basics that the brand is known for, this location also offers vintage finds from the company’s vintage curator and jewelry by Vanessa Mooney.
That attitude and delivery begins in our kitchens, where everything is scratch-made and truly authentic. He caught the cooking bug and credits his inspiration to become a chef to cooking with his grandmother and flipping crepes at the age of six.
He began working for Maggiano’s in 2008, and his favorite thing about the team is having fun while teaching his teammates during every shift, and getting to learn new things as well. He became interested in being a chef when he saw other chefs create new dishes, just by using ingredients that you have in your own home.
She is inspired by her mother and father, and enjoys going to the market to see what is available when coming up with new dishes. He became interested in being a chef at an early age, and spent much time developing his passion for cooking.
Chef Daniel has worked in kitchens since he was 12 years old and has wanted to be a Chef since he was 13, when he used to watch cooking shows on PBS. His favorite moments as a chef include his opportunity to help open seven different Maggiano’s locations, and also seeing those that he helped get promoted to chefs.

When he is cooking for family, he likes to make gumbo, and his day-to-day favorites are Latin foods, or anything blackened. His favorite thing about working at Maggiano's is all the amazing opportunities available and the positive culture within the company. Growing up in Italy, surrounded by amazing fresh food, with great culinary inpirations provided by his mom and grandmother, it was a no brainer for him to become a chef. He began his career with us at the Schaumburg, IL location in 1999, and since then has helped Maggiano's open multiple new locations including Houston in 2000 and Las Vegas in 2004. He was able to observe the chefs around him and believed he could combine his love for food with his art background.
A Maggiano’s team member since October 1999, he enjoys his team members, or as he describes them, his second family. He became interested in being a chef because of his passion for food and simply from being in the restaurant business for as long as he can remember. Karl was born and raised in Germany and received his culinary training in Europe, where he served as a sous chef for Hilton for seven years and traveled the globe to London, New York, Guam and Chicago, and also served as a chef on a cruise liner for two years. Born in Lima, Peru, and traveling to places such as South Arabia to train cooks, he came to work for Maggiano's in 2002. Chef Matt's mom is an incredible cook, which inspired him to become a chef and prepare the best food for his friends and family.
David loves making people feel special, and revels in seeing guests enjoy dishes made by him.
They also have a whimsical children's section that'll have you wishing you were a wee one again! We are admittedly biased, but we believe our Executive Chefs, who bring the Italian-American spirit to life every day, are the best in the business. His favorite thing about working at Maggiano's is how every member of his team is there for one another.
Before attending the Culinary Institute of America, Matt learned how to cook through reading countless cookbooks and taking as many culinary-related classes in school as possible.
Originally Chef Manny fell in love with cooking because of his love for food and the patience to play with different flavors, and continues to stay intrigued by developing new generations of chefs, cooks, and teammates with those same values. His favorite thing about working for Maggiano's is that when he and his team are busy, the time goes by incredibly fast!
If she could learn one new culinary skill it would be sugar art and her favorite kitchen tool is her immersion blender because it makes everything from drinks to sauces. Now that Chef Donald is an Executive Chef with us, he says his favorite thing about working at Maggiano's is the people. At home, Daniel likes to eat macaroni and cheese, and his favorite Maggiano’s dish is the Baked Ziti. He started out as a dishwasher and after eight years at Chili’s he had performed every position the restaurant had to offer in the front of the house and in the kitchen.
When dining out, Gary likes to get sushi or any other type of raw seafood, because he doesn’t make it at home or at the restaurant.
After a busy night, he likes to sit down and have a bite to eat with his team and loves to see their passion for food. Chef Jim went to the Restaurant School of Philadelphia and has been with Maggiano’s since 2001. He began his career as a dishwasher, and has worked his way up since, as he developed a love of cooking and taking care of guests as if they were coming into his own kitchen at home.
His favorite thing about working for Maggiano's is how the whole team cares for one another--like one big family. He has enjoyed bonding with his teammates in the kitchen, making them more like his second family than coworkers.
His most memorable experience was when he was given the opportunity to do the voice-over on a video for the opening of a new Maggiano's location. They coach and lead their teams, delight our guests, and manage their kitchens with unparalleled skills. It made him excited to learn the systems to get him to that level of kitchen perfection and excellence. Chef Arturo describes his most memorable experience at Maggiano's as when he became an Executive Chef after all of his hard work and dedication. He feels that it's great to work with people that truly enjoy being around other people. Although he enjoys any good cookbook, he notes that his favorite is Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman.

A Maggiano’s team member since 2005, Chef Jason enjoys working with his teammates and insists on having fun in the kitchen. He also loves motor car racing, and if he were not a chef, he insists he would be a race car driver. In his down time, he spends time playing with his young daughter, and enjoys painting and fishing as well.
One of his most memorable experiences was being able to meet a Make-A-Wish child and to see their face when he brought out their favorite dish. Chef Alberto describes his memorable Maggiano's experience as the day he was promoted to Executive Chef. Chef James Drake was his mentor and motivator when he worked at Maggiano’s in Boston, which helped him get to where he is today. His teammates and guests are what make Maggiano's a truly one of a kind experience for him.
Since Karl is from Germany, at home he enjoys cooking German dishes and enjoys many different Mediterranean-inspired dishes when he dines out. He enjoys not only the food, friends and traveling to other stores, but also being a part of the greater Maggiano’s family.
He grew up with his grandmother, who was one of his absolute favorite cooks in the world, and who helped inspire him to become a chef.
A cool, interesting fact about Chef Luca is that he was on a professional soccer team in Venice, Italy! Becoming a chef seemed like a completely natural career choice after growing up in a family that held family dining in high regard. His favorite Maggiano’s dish is Chicken Francese, and the aspect of the job he loves the most is working with a group of passionate individuals that are focused on delivering exceptional guest and teammate experiences. He also loves to spend time with his friends and family, traveling, exploring, driving around town, listening to music, watching movies and playing pool, soccer, and hockey. Now, Chef Stephen enjoys trying new, interesting items when he eats out, and recently ordered a sushi roll made with Pop Rocks! He finds inspiration for new dishes from reading books, watching cooking shows and simply coming up with different recipes by trying different things.
He says that the entire Grove location team including management, took him out to celebrate over a wonderful dinner. Chef Tyler describes his memorable experience with Maggiano's as having the opportunity to give back to the community. Karl spends his free time with his wife Erika, who also worked for Maggiano’s for eleven years and their son, Chris, who he shares his love for ice hockey with!
With Maggiano’s, he enjoys that every moment is full of excitement, and is never dull.
The little girl in the family who had been diagnosed with cancer loved Disney princess everything, and the staff made a huge Disney dessert platter for her and her family, complete with a crown and all.
When cooking at home, Chef Stephen likes to cook Baby Back Ribs and myriad side dishes that complement his lip-smacking ribs. If John was not a Chef, he would be a Draftsman because he spent five years to get his degree before he decided to change careers! One interesting fact about Chef Alberto is that he is known in the restaurant as "Biniman". Eric would love to travel to the Caribbean and visit Central America to meet the families of people he has worked with to learn more about their food and culture.
He turned his store into a Hawaiian-themed restaurant to host a dinner for Make-a-Wish for a little girl who was going to Hawaii to learn to surf- complete with staff dressed in tropical shirts and tables covered with flower petals. The "icing on top"--even better than seeing the little girl's smile--was that she and her brothers requested that Chef Donald stay at their table and enjoy the cake with them. In his free time, Chef Stephen spends his time outdoors either lounging by the pool or playing tennis. Not only because he loves the business, but also because he truly stands behind the people and the brand.

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