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Our entire cookware and kitchen accessory range is manufactured by ourselves and includes stainless steel cookware, cast iron cookware, cutlery, colanders, storage accessories and other stainless steel catering products. Add the sunflower oil to a large pan and gently soften the onion and leek over a medium heat for about 5 minutes.
Remove the seeds from the courgette and butternut squash using a teaspoon, then grate them both into the pan with the onion and leek. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
If you are interested in joining the Honey Pot team, please follow this link to our recruitment page for more details about these vacancies, and where you can submit your CV.
It is advisable that you return your application form and deposit as soon as possible to secure your child’s place.
Forest School sessions run all year round where children can observe the changes in seasons and the effect it has on the woodland. In each session the children gather around the fire circle and talk about what they would like to do. As children become skilled in managing their own risk they are supported to build swings using ropes on branches of the trees.
After securing a place at Honey Pot, you will be invited to arrange some settling in sessions, at which your child will be designated a key person. Once your child has enrolled with us, you will receive a DVD to take home and share with your family and friends.
Twice a year we hold parents evenings where parents are invited into the setting to meet with their child’s key person and discuss learning & development.
In all 3 sites we have a designated behaviour coordinator who is fully trained in this area.
When you enrol at honey pot you will receive a DVD for you to take home and share with family. Early Education funding is available to all children for the term following their third birthday. Free funding is also available for 2 year olds, a criteria must be met by the family in order for this funding to be accessed. Unfortunately nappies and formula milk are not included in your fee as we feel that this is a personal choice for parents to choose which brand they prefer. To support the children’s learning we employ a French Teacher who carries out a 1 hour session each week with the preschool children and we have Jumping Jacks who carry out a dance session each week with our toddlers and preschool children. We offer a 10% discount for siblings, which can discussed in more detail during the enrolment process.
Honey Pot Childwall is a large detached house situated on Childwall Valley Road within the residential area of Childwall in South Liverpool. The nursery is situated within close proximity to a range of bus routes and we have access to many local amenities such as the local library and shops. Outside to the rear of the building, we have access to a purposely designed garden room for children to enjoy uninterrupted play either outdoors or indoors as they choose. At Honey Pot one of our main priorities is ensuring that we provide a healthy balanced diet for all of the children in our care. All meals are made fresh on the premises on a daily basis by the nursery chef who holds a Level 2 in food safety in catering, as does the nursery manager.
Fresh fruit and water are available to all children continuously throughout the day and all children   are encouraged to take home a piece of fresh fruit. During mealtimes, staff ensure that they model good manners and appropriate behaviour which the children are encouraged to imitate.
For our younger children the menu differs slightly due to each individual child?s stage of weaning. Please click on the menu below to see one of our weekly menus, (please note – ‘High Tea’ is a late afternoon snack planned by our chefs to keep your child satisfied until they have their evening meal at home).
All our outdoor areas have recently been redeveloped to incorporate more natural resources and physical development in outdoor play.
We have our own mini bus that allows us to take children on trips further afield and takes children to forest school lessons weekly. Here at Childwall we have 2 separate gardens, which allow children of all ages to access the outdoors in a safe and secure environment.
At the back of the garden you will find a garden room, it is a bright spacious area for children to enjoy at various times of the day. The nursery has 2 x 4 seat prams which enable staff to regularly take children on local outings. The nursery has a sensory room in which the children are able to spend time with their key group to explore all of their senses. Self-sufficient baby unit which caters for children 0 – 2 years. The room has access to a separate milk kitchen and nappy changing area. At Honey Pot we value of our staff team and recognise the hard work and dedication that they continually provide on a day to day basis. All of our play rooms have a room leader, the room leader is always available for parents to talk to and ensure the smooth running of each room. Most staff hold a level 3 or above in childcare and each of the sites employs an early years teacher.
Over 80% of our staff are trained in paediatric first aid and all staff undergo annual safeguarding training. Honey Pot Day Nursery, Garston, was opened in April 2009 due the success and high demand of spaces in our sister nursery in Aigburth. The building was constructed in the 1970’s for the purpose of a primary school, however it has been adapted to suit the needs of a fully functioning day nursery.
The nursery is located close to Garston village which offers opportunity for children to go on local outings to the park, library and train station. In addition to the baby garden in Garston, we have a large garden, which allows children of all ages to access the outdoors in a safe and secure environment.
There is a separate baby area which allows even our smallest children to access the outdoors on a daily basis. The nursery has a 6 seat turtle bus which enable staff to regularly take children on local outings. This area hosts a wide range of ICT equipment which allows children opportunities to develop their ICT skills. The children also have access to local parks within the vicinity which are visited as often as possible. Here at Aigburth, we have large Garden area to the rear of the building, as well as an additional baby garden. This entry was posted in Names, Pronunciation, Spelling and tagged how do you pronounce Boleyn, origin name Boleyn, pronunciation of Boleynl, spelling of Anne Boleyn, Wolf Hall Boleyn on April 11, 2015 by Louise. This entry was posted in Etymology, Names, Words, phrases & expressions and tagged amazon name history, best app names, ebay name history, history of name Facebook, history of name Google, history of name twitter, naming apps on March 14, 2015 by Louise. This entry was posted in Etymology, Names, Words, phrases & expressions and tagged daisy cocktail origin, daisy slang origin, doozy origin on February 22, 2015 by Louise. This entry was posted in Names, Poems, prose & song and tagged best Oscar speech, how long are Oscar acceptance speech, longest Oscar speech, most nominated screenplay Oscar, oldest screenwriter Oscar, shortest Oscar speech, why are Oscars called Oscar, youngest screenwriter Oscar on February 15, 2015 by Louise. David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker, joined WNYC’s Brian Lehrer to discuss the upcoming New Yorker Festival. When talking in person to the Queen, the practice is to address her as Your Majesty initially and as Ma’am thereafter. This entry was posted in Names, Words, phrases & expressions and tagged Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen, The Queen names on June 16, 2013 by Louise.

Answers (official building name or address, city, nickname, and origin of nickname if not immediately apparent) are below each picture. This entry was posted in Names, Words, phrases & expressions and tagged Big Ben, Flatiron building, landmark building nicknames, Razor building, The Shard on April 4, 2013 by Louise. Answers (nickname, official building name or address, city, and origin of nickname if not immediately apparent) will be posted tomorrow at noon.
This entry was posted in Names, Words, phrases & expressions and tagged building nicknames, landmark nicknames on April 3, 2013 by Louise.
Please note, if you choose a forename or surname that consists of a single letter or includes modified Latin characters, you may find the computer systems of some record holders will be unable to show your name correctly.  Many computer systems are programmed to only accept standard Latin characters and require at least two characters for the forename and surname. Marion Morrison, Allen Konigsberg, David Hayward-Jones, Curtis Jackson, Issur Demsky, Robert Zimmerman, Farouk Bulsara, Roberta Anderson, Margaret Hyra, Jonathan Leibowitz, Anna Bullock, and Steveland Judkins were all born mere mortals and went on to find fame and fortune — and spanking new names to go along with (or aid in) their celebrity. Kate Winslet’s brand-new husband (and Richard Branson’s nephew) used to be Ned Abel Smith.
Olympics fanatic Thomas Manly changed his middle name to the names of 12 Olympic gold medallists. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in 1979 that a name change to 1069 could be denied, but that Ten Sixty-Nine was acceptable. From amazon to Ziploc, Google to Yahoo!, there’s a host of memorable and marketable brand names that both color our daily language and lord over our common nouns like rock-stars with snappy stage-names.
Named in 1885 for its two supposedly medicinal ingredients: extract of coca leaves (from which was derived the cocaine in the original recipe) and caffeine, from the kola nut. Portmanteau (from Danish words): Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, began making wooden toys in 1932. This entry was posted in Etymology, Names, Words, phrases & expressions and tagged acronym, Aflac, Aldi, amazon, Amoco, Amstrad, AOL, Apple, Coca-Cola, common noun, Duane Reade, eBay, Esso, FedEx, Fiat, Finnair, Google, IKEA, Kinko's, Kleenex, Kodak, Lego, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Nabisco, Nike, Pepsi, Pixar, portmanteau, proper name, Qantas, Reebok, Samsonite, Skype, Sony, Starbucks, Tesco, Twitter, Verizon, Virgin, Yahoo! Lucia, this is the traditional cooking method, capturing all the flavours of the ingredients in a single pot then serving them as a broth with ‘green figs’ – young bananas, which have a potato-like texture. Mix the sliced spring onions, chopped parsley, cocoa nibs and lime juice with the olive oil, and add a small amount of the garnish to each bowl. To download a digital copy click here or buy in store at select Waitrose and Tesco stores, WHSmith High Street, WHSmith Travel, Wholefoods, Marks and Spencer and News on the Wharf. This is where they have the opportunity to explore the local woodland with our qualified Forest School leader. There are occasional visitors to the site where children sometimes spot woodland animals such as squirrels and birds. We strongly believe that children learn best when parents are actively involved in all aspects of Nursery life. Children under 3 years will receive a daily diary that will provide you with all of the information you will need to know about your child’s day.
Children of different ages can access the garden freely as all 3 sites have access to a secured baby garden where babies can freely explore in a safe environment. The management and behaviour coordinator work together to ensure our behaviour policy is up to date and robust. This DVD details all about the learning and development of children who attend our setting. However we do make parents aware that should their child only attend 1 day per week it may take a little longer for them to settle. It opened its doors for the first time in Spring 2014 and is registered for 52 children to attend per day. Garston nursery first opened in April 2009 and is registered for 56 children to attend per day.
Formally a doctors surgery, the building underwent a huge renovation in early 2012 to make it purposely designed for the sole use of a day nursery.
To the front of the nursery, there is a fully enclosed garden especially designed for our youngest children and to the rear, another fully enclosed garden for the children to access on a free flow basis from indoors. The children are encouraged to participate in the preparation of mealtimes by helping to serve cutlery and lunches alongside staff.
All of our staff fully understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the Early Years and all 4 sites have been awarded with a 5* food hygiene rating by the food standards agency. A gardening teacher comes in weekly to plant and grow different plants and vegetables with the children. The front garden provides opportunities for sensory, exploratory and messy play, whereas the rear garden allows children to participate in physical activity. In the garden room the children can access large soft play blocks, sensory equipment and many exciting resources. There are a wide variety of resources such as bubble tubes, lighting and textured materials which have a calming effect on the children and enables them to express themselves in a safe and secure environment.
This room has its own nappy changing facilities and double door that lead out into the back garden. This room also has a nappy changing facility and chid sized toilets which children are encouraged to use independently.
The management team work closely together to ensure that a high level of staff training is available.
We employ our own nursery bank staff to cover staff holidays this ensures continuity for all of the children in our care. The nursery is on one level and has 4 large individual play rooms and a main central area that offers opportunity for physical play and group activities. The outdoor area offers opportunities for children to explore the outdoors engage in physical play and gain sensory experiences, plus we now house chickens in our garden.
This room has its own nappy changing room and has facilities to support children who are potty training.
This allows children of all ages to have access to the garden in a safe environment during the day. New apps and sites are being added to our cyber-world by the second — and as fast as the new hopefuls pop up on our screens with their snappy vowel-less monikers, so do hundreds of Zuckerberg-wannabes surrender their lowercase domain names back to GoDaddy, hanging their bearded chins in their youthful hands and wondering what went wrong. But there are a lot of interesting words going on there too: in the speeches, and in the movies themselves.
Brits and tagged David Remnick on Brian Lehrer, David Remnick Oxford comma, grammar movie, Grammar Revolution, Hugh Grant English teacher, New Yorker copyediting on October 10, 2014 by Louise.
The great bell of the clock (and usually the clock and the clock tower as well) at the north end of the Palace of Westminster (London) – Big Ben.
Clues to most of the nicknames lie in the resemblance of the buildings to common household objects — but not in every case … Can you identify them all? According to this service, the country’s largest and most trusted issuer of new names, there are only a few restrictions you have to bear in mind when choosing your new moniker. In both those countries, your name is pretty much yours for life, unless you can prove that it’s giving you a lot of grief.
Reduce the heat to a simmer for about 15 minutes, until the potatoes are cooked, then add the cod fillets to the pot and simmer gently for 10 minutes.
All 3 settings own 6 seater turtle buses which enable children of all ages to go on local outings e.g.
If your child falls ill at nursery parents will be contacted and advised on necessary action to be taken.
All practitioners will work with parents and children to promote positive behaviour in our settings. This DVD helps parents to understand the paper work you will receive and help you to understand the tracking of your child’s progress.

I’m pleased with all of the reports, pictures and daily diary communication that we get….our fridge is full of pictures!
This can be accessed in numerous ways and can be discussed for each individual child when the time approaches. We also accept a wide range of childcare voucher’s, please speak to the nursery manager for further information. The setting has two large play rooms on the bottom floor which cater for our babies and toddlers and has one large play room on this first floor which is specifically for our pre-school children. At honey Pot we aim to provide all of the children within our care with their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. The rear garden also offers experiences to children to explore and understand the world in which we live. This provides staff with the opportunity to further improve their continued professional development. We also have a large outdoor play environment that hosts a wide range of equipment that enables children to explore the world around them.
Children love to look after the chickens and collect their eggs daily to incorporate them into our yummy menu.
The Garden supports all seven areas of learning, so there are opportunities for the children to be physical, carry out mark making, enhance their mathematical skills and much much more.
The room has its own kitchen area which allows children to carry out cooking activities on a regular basis.
According to WebTender Wiki (yes, there is one), a recipe for Brandy Daisy was listed in Scientific Bar-Keeping by Joseph W.
Hugh Grant does, and he explains all in his role as an English teacher in his new rom-com movie, The Rewrite. A 2014 study found that readers of a short mystery story on a Kindle were significantly worse at remembering the order of events than those who read the same story in paperback.
Big Ben was most likely named after Sir Benjamin Hall, First Commissioner for Works, whose name is inscribed on the bell; or it might have been named after Ben Caunt, a champion heavyweight boxer. The Shard appears to be the official name of the building, not just its nickname, so this building should really be disqualified from this list. If you view the top of the tower from a corner, the two faces of the tower clock resemble owl eyes and the corner of the observation deck a beak. Despite getting all her documents and records changed to Pudsey Bear, the passport office refused to issue Pudsey with a passport.
Its founder, Pierre Omidyar, had already formed a web consulting firm called Echo Bay Technology Group. Seeking to find other ways to use its large supply of creped wadding, the company’s scientists developed a softer crepe and from this the idea of Kleenex facial tissue was born.
He saw three advantages in Kodak: It had the merits of a trademark word, it would not be mis-pronounced, and it did not resemble anything in the art. Once labeling tea as a digestive aid was outlawed in the ’40s, the PG name was officially adopted.
The Forest School sessions support children’s holistic development through activities and experiences provided in the natural woodland environment.
They can toast brioche on the fire and the Forest School leader boils the kettle to make hot chocolate.
Passwords are in place for the collection of children and all staff trained in our collection procedures.
All of the staff are friendly and approachable and have taken the time to really get to know my little girl well”. If you are accessing EEF on term time only basis there will be a weekly charge that covers the cost of meals and snacks. Staff also attend accredited local authority training to ensure that we remain up to date with any changes in legislation.
The garden also features Honey Pot Cottage which is a large play house, which allows the children to express themselves through role play and imagination. Hear from teachers, students, grammarians, CEOs, and linguists, and discover why grammar is an important subject that needs to be reconsidered, reconceived, and revived”. According to UT Austin legend, this was  designed deliberately, as the tower’s architect was supposedly a graduate of Rice University, whose athletic mascot is an owl.
A common misconception that the name is onomatopoeic, sounding like the shutter of a camera. Turn up the heat to full and add the white wine, then reduce the liquid in the pan by half the volume.
It was probably made in potteries on the Surrey-Hampshire borders.Roman horseshoeDate 2nd or 3rd century ADFound Liverpool StreetA temporary horseshoe or ‘hipposandal’ that would have been lashed to the hoof. The children make bows and arrows using sticks and string, they also like to make swords too.
They have a range of foods for their tea including soup, crumpets and jacket potatoes which are all made on the fire. No mobile phones are permitted in the play rooms, and 2 members of staff are always present during nappy changes. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each term that highlights the amount that you are required to pay following the deduction of EEF. The Owl’s architect was in fact Paul Cret, born in Lyon, France, who graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Want to be named after the year of your birth (“Hi, my name is Nineteen Fifty-Two”)?
We found these in the cart ruts on the embankment that led up to what must have been a bridge over the now ‘lost’ Walbrook stream. Children can get creative by using mud, leaves and twigs to make funny faces on the tree trunks. Instead of one big river, a whole network of streams meandered through a flood plain with small gravel islands. They often take home their creations which they love to show off when they return to nursery! It looks like someone was hunting in the area and took a look at the flint cobbles from the river to see if any could be turned into tools.
Shelters are put up when the weather is wet and children can wear waterproof forest school suits which are suitable for colder winter months. Children particularly enjoy this weather as they like to investigate water in a natural environment.
This beaker is from one of those sites and has been washed out from the higher ground to where we found it. It would have held an offering for the deceased, like wine.Medieval ice skatesDate Between 1000 and 1500 ADFound Liverpool StreetAfter the fall of the Roman Empire, London was abandoned and marsh built up around the Moorgate area.
During the Medieval period it would freeze during winter and Londoners skated on it by tying the polished shinbones of cattle to their feet.

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