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Regal Cages are meticulously engineered and crafted with design features you won't find anywhere else.
Our cage door mounts on the front of the cage, fitting close along the top and sides and over lapping the bottom of the cage opening to keep the animal's paws from becoming trapped between the door and the cage. Extra-strong barrel-style hinges surround the hinge pins to keep the doors fitting right and swinging smoothly for years to come. The self-latching door latch positively secures the door at two points without creating crevices for debris to hide. Our cage doors are ambidextrous and are shipped with doors hinged left but may be easily changed to be hinged right if desired without additional parts.
Our cages begin with a 22-gauge Type 304 stainless steel body, seam-welded into one piece to create the strongest cage on the market.
What's more, the floors of all of our cages have a fluid-retaining lip at the front edge to help keep urine and fluids from seeping out.
All Regal Cages can be used alone or readily assembled together to form the perfect cage arrangement for your facility.
Finishing options are available to give your cage arrangements a finished appearance and greater versatility. Save time and stay informed: track your order online, view your order history, create your favorites wishlist, and more!
Custom Visol "Medina" Surgical Stainless Steel Blade Cigar Cutter #699064113 Visol "Medina" Surgical Stainless Steel Blade Cigar Cutter China Suppliers, Wholesale Price Factory Direct Accept Mixed Orders of Customized Products, Custom-made Logo Imprinted. Fixity surgical industries name of quality is a leading manufacturer of the finest quality surgical instruments.
Our premium quality blades are manufactured using advanced hi-tech computer guidance every step of the way.
Premium Sterile Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades - #15COur premium quality blades are manufactured using advanced hi-tech computer guidance every step of the way. Our products are manufactured under stringent quality control conditions and every instrument is sharpened, polished and finished by hand.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

This new process produces consistently sharp edges to match the highest level of surgical edge quality available today. Medical products can be stored in modular casework cabinets in sterile core and operating rooms for easy access for nurses and doctors during surgery and procedures. Made entirely of stainless steel, the frame, crossmembers and vertical spokes are welded together at every intersection for exceptional structural integrity and strength.
All our instruments are individually checked and must pass critical tests for performance, convenience and dependability. We take great pride in providing high quality surgical instruments at a competitive price, supported by excellent customer service. The cigar cutter boasts stainless steel blades that sharply cut with precisions thanks to its dual nature.
Quality services and customer satisfaction is our first preference and to provide Excellent services and economically prices is the motto of our business.
The best steels and state-of-the-art computer honing lead to greater consistency of sharpness for you and less trauma for your patients. Our objectives & target are set to comply with international standards and with relevant environmental legislation and regulation through training, utilization of new technology, good-natured working environment and continual improvements. This guide discusses various methods of washing, sterilizing, and cleaning all types of instruments.
Proper care also means off-site maintenance of instruments on a regular basis for sharpening and adjusting. It's important to realize, however, that even the highest grade instruments will experience at least minimal wear and softening over time. The idea is to keep this wearing to a minimum with proper cleaning and a scheduled preventative maintenance program.
Blood, tissue, and surgical residue are the primary causes of pitting, staining, and discoloring of instruments. Allowing any of these elements to dry or soak on your instruments will cause undesirable stains. Other enemies include washing instruments with inappropriate solutions such as dish or laundry soap, bleach, disinfectants, and non-approved solutions.

If left on the instruments for any extended period of time (1-4 hours), the instrument will mark and stain, especially if these residues are allowed to dry.
The most damaging procedure is to allow dried-on debris to become baked-on stains in the autoclave. Tap water contains a high concentration of minerals which can be seen as a fine deposit on the instrument surface.
Therefore, it is important to dry your instruments immediately and thoroughly  CleansersThe cleansers and cleaning agents you use could also be a cause of corrosion.
Strong substances, as well as those containing a chemical make-up of acid or alkaline-based solutions can lead to pitting and staining. Using an instrument cleaning brush is a good idea, especially for jaw serrations, teeth, and hinged areas. Washing instruments within a few minutes of surgery is your best defense against corrosion, pitting, and staining.
Non-approved solutions are any that do not specifically state on the label that uses include surgical instruments, stainless steel, and sterilization. But even sterilization can leave contaminants behind if instruments are not properly cleaned. For efficiency place heavy instruments at the bottom and lighter, more delicate instruments on top.
Its ease of use and superior efficiency is quickly making ultrasonic cleaning the preferred choice for today's surgeons.In fact, ultrasonic cleaning is 16 times more efficient than hand-cleaning. A neutral pH ultrasonic cleaner solution, when properly mixed, effectively reduces the surface tension of the solution and increases the ultrasonic cavitation process.

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