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Depending on the food you are cooking and length of cooking time, the handle could get warm. All non-stick cookware is PFOA free but keep in mind that all non-stick cookware cannot be cooked over high heat. FlavorStone cookware can be used on gas, electric, ceramic because each pan results from a super efficient multi-ply construction process. Abtronic X2 ManualAbtronic X2 ReviewCelebrate Fathers Day with Thane Direct Spring Cleaning just got Easier with Thane Direct St Patrick's Day Cake with Flavorstone Cookware. Some studies indicate that PFOA can cause developmental and other adverse effects in laboratory animals.
Non stick cookware is designed to througly cook food over medium heat setting since it has a conductive base covering that elimates hot spots.

Sapphire™ non-stick is an especially scratch resistant PFOA-free surface that prevents virtually anything from sticking.
If the cookware’s care instructions are carefully followed, the Sapphire™ surface will withstand abrasion. Cooking non stick cookware over high heat slowly breaks down the non stick coating and releases the chemicals in the food or in the air. PFOA has been detected in industrial waste, stain-resistant carpets, carpet cleaning liquids, house dust, microwave popcorn bags, water, food, and some cookware. In fact, FlavorStone performance is so effective you only need a medium setting or lower saving you energy. Very cute sturdy material that comes out of the microwave hot, and stays hot for a long time.

In fact, most non-stick pan coatings are usually a dark color or black, so the discoloration is present, but not visible. To remove discoloration, wash the pan in hot water with mild detergent while rubbing it delicately with a non-scratch scrub sponge. More resistant stains can be cleaned by heating equal parts of white vinegar and water in the pan. Please note that the discoloration is intensified if the cookware is used on higher than recommended temperatures.

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